116: Why doing less will help you accomplish more.

My Current and Future Plans - Part 4

If you’d ask most Americans they would tell you life is busy. They find it hard the scrap together time to do what matters most.

Why doing less will help you accomplish more. episode #116

In today’s episode, I’m talking about scaling back your to-do list in favor of the Mantra, less is more.

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When I begin this blog I set out to do a lot; I wanted to publish three times a week, have a weekly YouTube show, maintain this podcast, and interact with my subscribers and do a weekly Friday newsletter email. It honestly feels insane, now that I think back.

As I’m scaling back to focus on my writing I have an awesome opportunity for you at the end of this post.

The more time trucked on, the harder it’s become to maintain that level of insanity. I don’t have a full staff. I don’t have a content creator. I only have myself, my legal pad, and my pen. One thing I’ve learned, less is more.

In the last few weeks, I have scaled back what I’m doing on this blog. And they post by Michael Hyatt has confirmed my reasoning.

His post talked about creating a not to do list. It’s a list of items that suck your time, drain your energy, and keep you from remaining focus on what you have to accomplish.

Why did I decide to change how I’m running this blog and what does it mean for you?

1. I’m going to write just one post a week. It’s not that I don’t enjoy writing, I enjoy writing. But I quickly realized, my life wasn’t allowing more than one post a week.

I’ve made the decision my blog post and podcasts are going to remain on the same day every week, Mondays, beginning 10/2/17.

Writing just one blog post a week is free me up to focus my attention on other areas of growing this blog.

  • It will allow me to get involved in active marketing.
  • It will allow me to put together an email newsletter sequence on Convertkit.
  • It will allow me to create higher quality, better content, for this blog.

If you’re a Content producer, writing something is powerful. You shape and change the lives of people with each word that you write. My goal is to change the lives of people, help them find their voice, and succeed in life.

2. Doing Less on my blog allows me to write more books for you. My deepest heart’s desire is to write books. Yet, one thing I’ve realized since writing my latest book, I’ve had to give up a lot of blogging to find time to write.

Being the fact that I teach people how to write, I needed to do more writing myself. The more you write the better you become. When you take time to perfect your craft, learn to perfect your prose, and take time to hone your words you’ll begin to impress people with what you write.

Doing less busy work and focusing your attention on what matters most gives you the power to perfect Who You Are.

3. Doing Less on this blog will allow me to create high-quality courses for you to learn the craft of writing. We all like to learn. We all especially like to learn for free. What if I told you paying for your learning allows you to focus your energy and attention to grow?

One reason I scaled back to one blog post a week will allow me to create both free and paid writing courses for you. These courses will give you the power to take your idea and craft a book that will change somebody’s life.

4. What do you want to learn? It’s one thing for me to create content, it’s another thing for you to desire to learn. If you are a content creator you know the difficulties, and hardship it takes to create high-quality content.

Question: What do you want to learn? Do you want to learn how to write your book or start your blog Do you want to learn how to publish your book yourself without having to go through the hardships and heartache of being turned down by traditional publishers? Leave a comment by clicking here!

If you could do me just one favor, in the comments below tell me what one thing you want to learn from me.

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