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Do you look at the hundreds of unread emails in your inbox and wonder if you’ll ever get to them? I can’t tell you how often someone asks me how I deal with 5 different email accounts. It’s easier than you think.

In this episode, I’m going to dive into 4 things I do daily to keep my email under control. If you follow these simple steps, your email will no longer control you, you’ll control it. I also have some exciting things I’ve been working while on hiatus and can’t wait to share them with you.

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1. How to clean the clutter.

There are several questions I ask: Can I delete it? Do I need to respond now? Can I push it off till later or tomorrow?

Once I’ve figured out the answers, I make a decision and move forward. If I can delete it, I hit delete. If I need to respond, I hit reply. If I need to think about it, I flag it to remind me to come back and take care of the email. Then I move everything to a “processed” folder.

The goal is to have your inbox empty.

2. Take a break:

I check my email two times a day unless I’m waiting for an email. In the meantime, I turn off my email so I can focus on projects. Email is a great time waster, and the more we focus on our projects, the more effective email becomes when we need to use it.

3. Be diligent:

It’s easy to get caught up in rechecking email over and over. It’s not going anywhere. It’s also easy to stop caring and let your email build back up. Dont’ let that happen. Take care of it each day, that way you won’t be overwhelmed because of it.

4. Analyze your list:

Remember when we pushed things off to tomorrow? Take the time to review each item at the end of the day. Assign them to your task management system. If there’s anything you’ve pushed to the end of the day, take care of each email then go home.


Question: How do you handle the mountains of email you recieve?? Leave a comment by clicking here!


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