My Top 10 Favorite Podcasts I Listen to Weekly.

Taking your life to the next level.

Ever wish you had all the information you needed to become successful in anything? It’s said if you listen to two hours of audio a day, read 1 book a month, and watch several teaching videos, you’ll become an expert in just 7 years.

I listen to podcasts on a near daily basis. I’ll listen to money tips, entrepreneurial advice, book writing, blogging, and even the occasional TV show podcast. The world of podcasting is huge and growing by the day.

It was in 2006 I started listening to podcasts. In fact, the first show was an original Indiana Jones story. I also found several churches that were podcasting. But it wasn’t until the past 3-4 years I really became an avid daily listener.

I quickly realized there were several that stood out to me as professional, engaging, and encouraging. I want to take you on a journey of my top 10 favorite podcasts.You’ll also get a taste of each show in this post.

You’ll also get a taste of each show in this post.

10: Entrepreneur on Fire. 

It was about two years ago I stumbled across this show while listening to Ray Edward’s podcast. This show is hosted by John Lee Dumas. He’s a fiery guy who interviews today’s top and upcoming entrepreneurs. He pulls out of each guests nuggets of wisdom to help you take your own journey to the next level.

His show is a daily show! This is why it sits at #10. I simply can’t keep up. However, I love this show. If you want energetic and encouragement, this is the show for you. Check out his show here

9: This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt.

This was one of the very first entrepreneurial podcasts I’ve listened to. I’ve been a huge fan of Michael Hyatt since around 2010 when I discovered his blog. He is the former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers and has one of the largest blogging platforms on the internet today.

His show deals with building a platform and handling everyday life as a thought leader by using your blog to communicate your message. He takes to heart that he is your personal online mentor.

His show sits at #9 because it’s canceled. He’s currently working on a new show that’s yet to be released. Check out the show here.

8: The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast.

Andy Stanley is a popular pastor and best-selling author. His leadership podcast is simply one of the best. He interviews several business and church leaders to give us a well-rounded approach to leadership. This podcast is from a Christian perspective, and as a pastor, I appreciate that.

His show sits at #8 because I wish it were a weekly podcast. This show uploads on a monthly basis. Again, as a pastor, I totally understand. His time is limited.  Check out his show here. I was unable to find an auido clip, you’ll have to listen in iTunes.

7: Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn.

I first heard of this show from listening to Entrepreneur on Fire. John had interviewed Pat, and I was hooked. His simple ideas and down to earth message of not trading time for dollars, but truly taking a risk and creating passive income was what I needed to hear.

As you listen to his show, you’ll find down-to-earth messages that will help you take action and get your site making money. His show sits at #7 because I don’t always get to it weekly.

6: Daily Hope with Rick Warren.

I love Rick Warren. First hearing about him through the book, The Purpose Driven Life,–the book is now called, What on Earth am I Here For?–I fell in love with his teaching style and humble approach to the Word of God.

This daily show will inspire you to take a deeper look into your own heart, mind, and soul. It’s encouraging tone helps us better understand the Word of God by giving us simple, yet powerful, ways to intersect it with our daily lives.

This podcast sits at #6 because I can’t keep up with daily shows. You can check it out here.

5: Self-Publishing Formula with Mark Dawson.

I came across Mark Dawson by accident while searching for something new to fill my ears. I never expected this podcast to become one of my favorites. I tune in nearly every single week.

This show gives you interviews with best-selling indie authors who’ve made it their business to sell their books. Mark Dawson, a traditionally published author has left the industry to pursue indie writing and self-publishing. If you’re wanting to break out into this world, that I and Mark Dawson have, I encourage you to listen to this show.

This show sits at #5 because the audio quality is rough at times. I’m never quite sure what the show’s going to sound like when I listen. Overall, it’s a great show. You can catch an episode here.

4: Late Night Internet Marketing with Mark Mason.

When I first heard about Mark Mason on the Cliff Ravenscraft show, I knew I needed to check his podcast. Boy, I’m glad I did. This show is geared toward online marketing and growing your business.

Mark gives easy to follow instructions and ideas to implement. I also love how he tries things and reports back his findings. His heart is to give us ideas so we can have the best online adventure we can. Plus, he has a sweet introduction jingle you have to listen to.

His show sits at #4 because he sometimes, depending on the week, gets a little too technical and geeky. Though that’s not bad, I tend to tune out as I prefer a little less technical and a little more describing of terms. You can find the show here.

3: The School of Podcasting with Dave Jackson.

How do I describe Dave Jackson? He’s hilarious, educational, and loves what he does. I heard about his show from Cliff Ravenscraft. He gave me Dave’s email address when I asked a super technical question about RSS feeds. Through a couple of emails, Dave gave me the information I needed.

I listen to this show weekly. I rarely miss an episode. If you’re looking to get the tools you need and learn the guts of podcasting, this show is for you. His show sits at #3 because Dave interviews his cat every now and then. I don’t like cats, they make me sneeze and that’s why. LOL (Yes, I added texting shorthand.) You can find his show here.

2: The Ray Edward’s Show.

This show is awesome! I don’t miss any episodes and Ray is the guy you need to write copy that sells. He’s a believer in Jesus and makes no apologies about it. As a pastor, I love that, because neither do I.

I learned about his show from listening to Cliff Ravenscraft. The banter between Ray and his co-host (his son) is great! You can tell they care about the message of growing your own online business and living the life of your dreams.

It takes hard work, dedication, and faith in God to get you through to see success. With that mindset, he helps you gain the perspective you need to go the extra mile.

This show sits at #2 because I want to see his son, Sean, on more interviews. That’s all. You can find the show here.

1: The Cliff Ravenscraft Show.

I first came across Cliff’s show, “The Podcast Answerman” back in 2007 as I was preparing our church to enter the podcasting arena. I found the information I needed to help my church launch their podcast. After I did, I fell out of listening to the show, until 2012.

I’ve seen Cliff grow as a person and as a business over the years. His show is continually improving and his message is clear. Cliff’s desire is to help you take your message, your business, and your life to the next level.

Over the years we’ve exchanged a few emails and Snapchats (when he was on Snapchat) and I consider him a friend, though we’ve never met. His show sits at #1 because it’s the show that caused me to fall in love with Podcasting. I wouldn’t have my own show, or even have hit over 100 episodes if it were not his encouragement, week after week.

You can find his show here.

I hope you’ve found this list encouarging. I love these shows, and I hope you’ll find them as helpful and fun to listen to as well. Give some of them a chance, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Question: What’s your favorite podcast show? Leave a comment by clicking here!

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