118: Why every writer should have a blog.

4 tips to help you communicate your message to those who matter most.

Blogging is a blast. Yet I believe it can be the most effective means to communicate with your audience and create meaningful community.


You desire to help each person connect on a deep level with you and your message. Blogging is an effective way for each person to hear your heart and know that you care. It also gives you an avenue to invest into each person and make each one feel special.

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The Dream Where Racism Dies!

My Personal Response to the Anti-American Rally in Charlottesville, VA!

The world is a complicated place. We see heroes, villains, lovers, and haters. Then there’s those who don’t fit into either mold and choose not to get involved.

The dream where racism dies.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last several days, you’ll know there have been major clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia. White supremacists, neo-nazi, and other hate filled groups–from both sides of the aisle–clashed in a violent fashion over the weekend.

Book Writing Challenge – Day 2: Channeling Each Word

When I sit down to write, a lot of words start flowing into the mind. I’m not saying every word is a good word or even worth writing, but I sort it all out before taking each word to paper. Writing is an art form. You can’t just write–you mold, shape, and create each sentence. I have to channel each word before I write that next sentence.

daily writing challenge - Day 2: channeling each word.

Yesterday was a lighter day of writing. I figured that might happen as the day before was a huge day. Yesterday I wrote just over 1,200 words. I was shy of my goal of 1,500 words, but the day before I wrote over 2,000. I figured it all works out in the wash.

Still, writing that amount is something a lot of writers don’t do. I’ve talked with several writers who dabble with their books for years and never get the job done. It’s not bad to dabble, but if you’re going to be serious about writing, you have to make the time each day to write.

I’ll keep you updated tomorrow on how my writing goes today. Until then, start working on your own book and let me know how you’re doing.

Book Writing Challenge – Day 1: The Writing Came Easy!

If you listened to yesterday’s podcast, you know that I’m starting a challenge of writing 1,500 words every day for 30 days. You can listen to the episode here.

Yesterday, I began this challenge. From 4:30 – 5:30 pm, I sat down to write. I pulled out my outline and started chapter 4. Over the course of the hour, the words flew from my mind onto the page. I ended up writing over 2,100 words. I couldn’t believe it, I blew my original goal of 1,500 words.

Writing is fun but it’s also hard work. I know I’m going to have tough days and good days. Yesterday was a good day and the words flowed easily. If you want to take your writing to the next level and you’re tired of dabbling in your writing, I encourage you to take this challenge and write daily, even if it’s 200 words.

John Grisham says if you write just 200 words a day, you’ll have a book just long enough in a year’s time.

I’m excited about my writing adventure today and I’ll update you tomorrow morning on my progress.

Do you know the 5 facets of God’s Grace?

Published on Living Your Season Blog
July 5, 2017

Hi everyone!

I had an article posted on a blog called, “Living Your Season”, promoting my book GRACE. Give it a read and leave a comment on Kasey’s blog.



Grace has many facets, likened to a diamond. It’s too complex and too deep to fully understand. If we stop in our understanding of what grace is and believe it’s only I’m a sinner saved by grace, we’ll miss out on the most wonderful experience of the deeper things of God. Continue reading…

Writing for your Independence.

3 things we can learn from Thomas Jefferson.

On July 4, 1776 the Declaration of Independence was signed. That day became the start of the great American experiment. Our nation’s fathers understood one thing, write for future generations!

When I look at the wording in the Declaration, I see heart, passion, and tears poured into that one document. It stands as a testament to hard work, ingenuity, and dedication to the work at hand.

My Top 10 Favorite Podcasts I Listen to Weekly.

Taking your life to the next level.

Ever wish you had all the information you needed to become successful in anything? It’s said if you listen to two hours of audio a day, read 1 book a month, and watch several teaching videos, you’ll become an expert in just 7 years.

I listen to podcasts on a near daily basis. I’ll listen to money tips, entrepreneurial advice, book writing, blogging, and even the occasional TV show podcast. The world of podcasting is huge and growing by the day.

Grateful for Sacrifice and Bravery!

Commemorating the lives lost in battle.

It’s Memorial Day. This is a day we’re to sit back and remember the sacrifices our men and women in the Armed Forces have made so we can have a free nation.

For most Americans, Memorial Day is just another holiday where we can escape the clutches of work. From the onset of the American Revolution to the war on terrorism, brave men and women have given their lives in service of this great nation. 

I’m Giving Away a FREE Coaching Call!

Helping you take your message to the next level!

If you’ve ever decided it was time to begin writing your blog, you’re right. Today is the best time to begin honing your message and declaring to the world you have something worth saying.

Most new bloggers struggle with finding their particular niche. Getting good quality advice is hard to come by. You browse the internet and remain confused by the vast majority of advice.

The Best is Yet to Come!

My 2017 Survey Results

Last week, I launched my annual reader survey. This survey is designed to help me create more relevant content for you. This blog is a relationship and the road goes both ways.

This is why I do this survey. I want to give you a voice in what I write and create. This year’s survey was not the success that I was hoping for. Maybe it was the timing and maybe people are tired of taking surveys.