124: How to face failure and start moving forward.

Learning to jump life's hurdles.

We all fail. Some fail largely while others fail on a small scale. But failure is something we all face and the question remains, how do we move forward?

In today’s episode, we’re looking at how we can pick up the pieces and live the life we want. Failure is a short-term hurdle and how we choose to jump those hurdles determines our success.

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I have failed at numerous things in my life. I failed financially, I’ve lost my home to foreclosure, I’ve screwed up while on stage, and I feel like I have failed our current year is NaNoWriMo. As hard as I try to move forward, my mind tends to hold me trapped in a Vortex of self-depression. I don’t think I’m good enough to push through my current circumstances.

Do you feel that way? Do you feel trapped because of your failures and unable to move forward, to see a brighter future? Each hurdle that we face, determines the willpower needed to press through into the dreams, the goals, and vision we have for our life.

When I started NaNoWriMo, I pushed through and was ahead of the game. The last week I have failed miserably at meeting my writing goals. It’s not because I didn’t want to write I felt I no longer had an ending for my story. Over the course of the last several weeks, my story has changed and circumstances have forced me to rewrite my ending.

As a writer, that can be very off-putting. And I struggled for a week without writing a single word. I would stare at the tablet of paper and ended up throwing away multiple pieces all because I didn’t know what to write.

Because failure is a short-term limitation, there were 6 things that I was able to do to push through and begin writing again.

  1. Stop trying and ask for help.

  2. Begin listening or reading encouraging content.

  3. Stop judging yourself.

  4. Begin meditating on affirmations.

  5. Stop telling yourself you can’t begin telling yourself you get to.

  6. Remember, you are already a success and failure is just one piece of that success.

Question: How do you handle failure? Leave a comment by clicking here!

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