096: 5 ways to narrow your focus and find your voice.

Commit to creation valuable, life-changing content.

The vast majority of bloggers out there write whatever comes to mind. It doesn’t matter the topic. The successful bloggers are focused, have products, and know their audience.

focus, voice, convertkit, products

focus, voice, convertkit, products

In today’s episode, were talking about defining our niche and discovering our purpose for our blog. We’ll also dive into tasking and begin to focus on crafting our first product for sale.

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In Today’s Episode:

1. Find your hot topic.

  • What comes natural for you that others struggle with?
  • What are people asking you for help with
  • What do you enjoy learning?

2. Find your purpose.

  • Are you proficient?
  • Are you passionate?
  • Is it profitable?
  • These determine your purpose.

How do we develop our purpose? From Michael Hyatt
I am
I help
To do
So that

3. Start writing your new focus by asking questions and answering them.

(These questions are from John Meese’s 30 Day Blog Launch Challenge
* What is the most common problem your audience deals with each day?
* Is there a “Quick Win” you can teach, providing transformation with minimal effort?
* Do you have a success story you can share from you, a friend, or a client?
* What has your target audience asked you about, at least two or three times?

4. What one major problem can you help solve with a product?

5. What kind of product will you create?

  • ebook
  • course
  • tutorials
  • membership site
  • downloadables

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