112: How to write a book the right way. Part 1

5 ways to start the process of getting your book written.

If you to ask most people what their number one bucket list item is, it would be writing a book.

How to write a book the right way. Part 1

However, the sad reality is most people will never write their book. Either they don’t know where to begin, for they just don’t have the tools they need to finally pull the trigger.

In today’s Podcast episode, We begin a three part series o writing your book. I dive into my exact formula for writing a Book. You’ll discover what it takes to write a good Book What tools you need to write, and the proper order from start to finish.

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Step 1: If so you want to write a book, make sure that you are a reader first.

Reading and writing go hand in hand. You will never be a good writer unless you begin reading more than you write. Because writing takes a certain amount of prose, if you are not consistently reading new things, you’ll never have good ideas to draw upon.

Take a moment and read. Even if you read just 15 minutes a day, you’ll read more than the average person. To write is to read and to read is to write. In other words, if you don’t read what others write, no one will care to read what you write.

Step 2: Write down all of the book ideas you have in your head.

Idle thoughts die a lonely death. They rot in the subconscious of our brains. Take a moment, today, and write down all the book ideas you have floating around inside your heart.

I’m always coming up with new book ideas. I keep a list in Evernote of all my book ideas. each idea has a sentence or two dedicated to it. When I’m hard up for an idea, I visit that list and pull from it.

Step 3: Learn everything you can about the craft of writing. Here are some of my favorite books on the topic.

If you want to become a good writer, learn the craft. Don’t think it’s okay to break the rules. This is why I encourage new writers to read about the craft of writing.

You wouldn’t want a doctor to try something new, if he didn’t know the rules of practicing medicine, would you? The same is true with the craft of writing. You want to know the rules and stick to them. Editors applaud the rule followers and give ample attention to those individuals.

Step 4: Discover your books main topic, who it’s for, and what your book should accomplish.

If you don’t know what your book is about or who it’s for, you’re sunk. Think about it, would you like to read a book that made no sense and seemed was written for everyone? NO! So why would you write that kind of book?

Take the time to jot down your thoughts on the main point you desire to make in your book. Who are you writing for? What do you want the reader to learn? If you answer those questions, you just may have a book worth writing.

Step 5: Begin writing down You want your book to begin and how you want your book to end.

This is the heart and meat of the beginning process of writing. Think of this as a road map. You want to know your point A and your ending point B.

The beginning and ending of your book are just the same. You want to know how you’re going to start your story. Maybe it’s a thriller and the villain calls your hero and says there’s a bomb in a building. What happens next? How does the villain get caught and/or killed? How does it all play out?

Question: What book have you always wanted to write and are you ready to begin? Leave a comment by clicking here!

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