106: Learning to be a communicator of Truth.

3 ways to stay on target with your message.

As writers, we have the obligation to communicate in a way that people will understand. We are always seeking out what truth is and how can we communicate that truth.

Episode 106 Learning to be a communicator of Truth.

When you put pen to paper, are you asking yourself the question what is it I’m trying to say? Do you know the message that God has put on your heart?

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I had a dream last night that’s why your not getting an encore episode but new episode today. I was going to be taking a break for a week, but this dream got me thinking about why we write. What message are we trying to communicate?

We are purveyors of Truth. Whether we are making a living from selling truth, or we are communicating that truth on a free blog one thing is certain, we must be clear on our message.

When I started this blog in 2009, I started with a clear message of communicating the truth of God through devotionals. But I didn’t stay on that Focus. It became a Blog of my musings.

Today, I am very clear in the message I’m trying to communicate. That truth is my number one driving focus of why I write. My desires to help writers bloggers and authors find their voice so they can succeed.

How do you communicate this truth? 3 ways.

1. Write what you want, and write what’s on your heart.

It’s easy to get bogged down by writing what you think everyone wants you to write. But if you don’t have the passion to write it, why are you bothering? The more you try to please others, the less passionate you’ll become with your own work.

Passion and tenacity to truck on are what we need. As writers, we should be writing what we’re passionate about. Write from your heart and allow your message to ring through loud and clear.

2. Write your vision and make it understandable.

The Bible is very clear, Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. Habbakuk. 2:2. Our vision should be clear and to the point. When you’re writing your next project, decide what the heart of your message is going to be, before you begin.

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“Therefore write down the things you’ve seen, and the things that are, and the things that will happen after this.” Revelation. 1:19. We write to make the vision in our hearts known. We write what we’ve experienced and what we know. In this, we’re helping readers change their lives by our message.

3. Listen to your audience they will communicate what they want.

This last one is important. Even though we’re to write what we want and what we’re passionate about, if we don’t pay attention to our audience, we’re writing to deaf ears.

Take the time to survey your audience. Ask them what they want to hear. For me, they wanted more spiritual lessons and personal stories. People want to connect with our writing, we have to take that into consideration as we write our heart.

No one ever said that writing was easy. In fact, it’s hard–very hard. But with hard work, dedication, and passion, we’re going to write things that will change people’s lives. We have that power because of our words.

Question: What is your passion when it comes to writing? What are you writing right now? Leave a comment by clicking here!

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