104: How to stay focused when you have no motivation.

Peeling back the layers of Self Doubt!

Work-life balance feels like a dream to some and the myth to others. We have all these great ideas, but when push comes to shove we don’t feel we have the strength to get it done.

In today’s episode, I want to peel back the layers of Self Doubt and help us create the life that we want. But it’s going to take sitting down creating a plan and pressing on to tomorrow.

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In today’s episode:

  • Doubt keeps you from moving forward. When we think of something we wish to accomplish but talk ourselves out of it, we do ourselves a disservice. Doubt will keep us from accomplishing our dreams and goals. Its self-limiting belief keeps us bound in the chains of failure.
  • Reaffirm your goals so you know where you’re headed. This is why you’ll hear me say, “don’t give up on your dreams.” Our goal as writers is to touch the lives of our readers. That single goal should be our driving force. Dreams and goals don’t just happen, they’re made from the passion that resides within our heart.
  • Don’t give up on your dreams, because your dreams can be made a reality. I remember watching Supergirl and Cat Grant asked her to pick a job within CatCo. Kara picked marketing because the website said it had good work-life balance. Cat said something powerful, “your calling cannot be found on the internet, it’s only found within you.” Dreams are made a reality when we don’t stop believing in them.
  • Set specific calendar related goals. Goals and dreams don’t just happen. We can believe, but we also have to be realistic. This is where setting specific time-oriented goals come in handy. Be realistic, set goals you can accomplish within the timeframe you set. If you want your book’s first draft finished by August 1, set a goal to write so many words a day to meet that goal.
  • Reward yourself for progress. Once you’ve accomplished your goal, give yourself some credit and praise. Take a moment and reward yourself for the hard work. It can be simple and small but give yourself credit for accomplishing your goal.

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