092: 3 Events Every Writer Must Attend to Succeed.

Taking your writing to the next level.

When I sit down to write, it’s as if the world disappears and a new world emerges. Writers often feel they can write alone and don’t need any help. Oh, how wrong we are.

Episode 92 Events Writers Attend

Episode 92 Events Writers Attend

In this week’s episode, I want to talk about writers groups, seminars, and online writer’s courses. These three events are a must for the budding writer. What’s the purpose, why should you attend and what it can do for your writing?

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In Today’s Episode:

1. Join a Writer’s groups:

Writers are elusive creatures. We come out at night hoping no one sees the bags of chips, coffee, and pajamas. But one thing is certain you will never get very far without the help of other writers. They keep us grounded. They inspire us to move forward. They give us ideas that spark the next project.

This is why I highly recommend attending a monthly writer’s group. These groups provide a camaraderie of like-minded individuals who desire to be published. As a board member for the Minnesota Christian Writer’s Guild, here are a few things you can learn by attending a writer’s guild.

  • Publishing opportunities. If you want your book published, these groups make that possible.
  • Solid teaching from accomplished authors and writers, who’ve turned their hobby into a living.
  • Friendships that will last a lifetime. We all need support and these friendships will help you develop your craft.

2. Attend a writer’s seminar:

Two weeks ago I attended the Minnesota Christian Writer’s Guild all day seminar. We had best-selling author and speaker Bob Hostetler as our speaker. This one-day seminar gave me new insight on how to take my craft of writing to the next level.

Writer’s seminars give you solid teaching and training. Without proper tools of the trade, our writing can fall flat and be rejected as soon as an editor sees it. Taking the time and spending the money will give you a day of solid teaching you can apply today.

3. Spend money on writer’s courses:

Writers should always be learning. There are plenty of great books out there on the craft of writing, but nothing comes close than learning from the best. If you want to be taken seriously as a writer, spend the money on courses that will help you develop your craft.

Here are some great examples:

Whatever you do to further your craft of writing, take the time to spend a little money. You’ll thank me later. Writing is a difficult and lonely job. We don’t think we need any help with our craft. The irony of that, you’ll never get published if you don’t seek out the tools you need to succeed in your writing life.

Question: Have you considered attending or joining a writer’s guild? If you have, how has it helped your writing? Leave a comment by clicking here!


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