078: Is your blog making a difference? [Podcast]

Learning to be thankful for what you have.

Happy Thanksgiving! This is the time we are grateful for everything we have. Our spouse, children, family, job and the list goes on. But this Thanksgiving we’re giving thanks for where we are at in our online endeavors.

Whether you’ve just started your blog, or you’ve been blogging for quite some time, there’s something we can find to be thankful for. In today’s episode, I’m going to walk you through my personal journey of blogging and podcasting, as I look back through the years on what I’ve accomplished. My hope is that my journey will help you navigate the blogging waters.

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In Today’s Episode.

  1. Having an attitude of gratitude.
  2. Life isn’t always roses and peaches.
  3. When the days get dark and tough, we pick ourselves back up and keep marching forward.
  4. Look back often to remember where God has carried you.
  5. When we live a thankful life, we can have a successful and full life.
  6. Is your blog making a difference?
  7. I began blogging in 2009 after I decided Facebook wasn’t the best place to have my deepest thoughts.
  8. Over the years I’ve heard from numerous people on how my words have changed their lives.
  9. Blogging gives focus on what you’re passionate about.
  10. When will I gain more traffic to my blog?
  11. Why will a blog change lives for the better?
  12. Doing something new: The ABC’s of blogging.
  13. Today we begin the A’s
  14. Actionable – Make your blog actionable. We want our readers to walk away with something they can use.
  15. Accessibility – Make your blog easy by making sure you own your site and domain. In other words… mysite.com
  16. Anecdote – Stories are powerful and will change lives. The best blogs are personal in nature, and tell the story of the author to help the reader connect to the actionable thought throughout the post.

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