077: Write your book in 30 Days! [Podcast]

7 steps you can take to getting your first draft.

I know people who desire to write that perfect book. The best thing about having written a book is you get to brag about it. You are an expert on the topic. As writers, we can help more people draw near to the heart of God through our writing.

Writing a book can be difficult, but with the right motivation, you can have your book written in a matter of days. In today’s episode, we’re talking about writing your first draft using a fast-track method.

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In Today’s Episode:

  • Why we should be writing.
  • Our goal is to change lives.
  • Our goal is to see our lives bettered.
  • Our goal should be to help increase someone’s knowledge on a topic of interest – even if it’s a novel.
  • How to pitch an article to an editor.
  • Stories connect to a reader’s heart.
  • But how do we pitch them to an editor?
  • Mistake most make – writers tell the editor what the story is about.
  • What we should do – Tell the editor what the story says.
  • 6 steps to publishing your book.
  • Write your outline.
  • Record your audio.
  • Get your recording transcribed.
  • Edit your new book.
  • Get a copy editor.
  • Hire a designer.
  • BONUS: If you’re not a preacher or podcaster, record your own audio using your phone.

Resources in today’s episode:

Michael Hyatt
Graphic Design by Living Lights Media
Ready, Set, Publish ebook
Joyce K Ellis Website
Minnesota Christian Writer’s Guild

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