071: Understanding your Life’s Potential. [Podcast]

Finding your Passion in 3 easy steps.

I’ve asked myself numerous times, “*why do I write?*” It’s not so much a question of not knowing the answer, it’s about keeping the vision of why I’m writing at the forefront of my heart. If we don’t know our why, we’ll never accomplish our heart’s desires.

In today’s episode, we’re going to look at why it’s so easy to let passion fall to the wayside. For most people, they have a hard time discovering what their passion is and what their why is. To truly take our message to the next level, we first must discover what our potential is.

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1. What is potential?

Potential is…dormant ability…reserved power…untapped strength…unused success…hidden talents…capped capability.

All you can be but have not yet become…all you can do but not yet done…how far you can reach but have not yet reached…what you can accomplish but have not yet accomplished. Potential is unexposed ability and latent power. ~ Understanding Your Potential, Dr. Myles Monroe © 1991 pg. 1

God has given us limitless potential; we just have to tap into it.  Potential is like a seed.  When we plant it, it will grow.  The thing, like a plant, we have to water it.  What is the water for potential?  Faith and action.

Faith: Complete trust and/or confidence in someone or something.

Action: process of doing something to achieve an aim…

When we place both of these things in our life, we can achieve unlimited potential.  When we work towards and on something that has great potential we will eventually succeed.  Potential will not always come quick and easy.  Never expect things to go smoothly or simple.

“Nothing in life is instant.  People think miracles are instant, but they really are not.  They are just a process that has been sped up.  Nothing God created is instant, because God does not operate in the instant.  He is a God of the potential principle.  Everything begins as potential.

“He did not create a ready-made human race-the earth was not given an instant population. God made one person-not a million people.  He started with one seed.” ~ Understanding Your Potential, Dr. Myles Monroe © 1991 pg. 3

Same thing is with our own lives.  If we think that everything needs to be instantaneously, we are seriously mistaken.  Yes, we all have gifts, talents, and abilities, but the thing we need to realize these are only tools to use in discovering our potential. Potential is the very foundation on which our lives are to be run. To live a successful life, we need to stop listening to those who bring down our desires and dreams. Potential starts as a dream and builds from there.

2. Where does it come from?

Everything comes from God.  Everything that was and is was (began) in God.  Before anything was created there was only God.  He thought and had in His heart to have race of people love Him for who He is.  Begin the human life on earth.  God had given everyone the desire to want a relationship with God, whether they know it or not.  He created us in His image, which gave us limitless potential.  That means, there is not end to what we can create or come up with, or how we can live our lives.  There is no end to it.

“When we describe God, we often say He is omnipotent.  Omnipotent means that God is always potent.  Made up of two words: omni, meaning ‘always,’ and potent, meaning ‘full of power,’ omnipotent means that God is potentially everything.  He has within Him the potential for all that is, was or ever will be.  He is omni-potent or omnipotent.” ~ Understanding Your Potential, Dr. Myles Monroe © 1991 pg. 9

3. Who you are meant to be.

Most people do not know who they are.  They can tell you what they do, where they live, but most have a hard time describing who they are.  When a sculptor looks at a piece of clay, they only see what it is, not what it might be, or become.  He knows ahead of time what it is and how it is to be formed.God is the same way with us.  He knows exactly who we are meant to be.  A lot of people do not think they have something to offer the world. They get up, got to work, and live a life without knowing what is out there for them.  People do not know that there is a wealth of potential that they never tap into.

When someone goes to college, they believe that they are going to change the world and make a difference, but what happens when they begin life outside of the four walls of the college, they begin to live a mediocre life.

I believe many people live a life of no potential, because they don’t see it within their own lives.  In order for us to begin to walk in the potential that God has given us, we need to first know who we are.  Once we know who we are we can begin to put faith and action to our potential.

There is a saying in the movie, “Galaxy Quest,” “Never Give up, Never Surrender.”  If you have doubt in your life, your dreams will not come to pass. So, do not give up.  When you know who you are, you will not fail at anything and you will begin discovering your why for life.

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