069: Writing Efficiently with Evernote. [Podcast]

5 Reasons I use Evernote for all my Blogging

As a writer and blogger I have to be selective of the tools I use to conduct my business. With sermons, a podcast, this blog and books I need a tool that will help me get the job done. Yet, sometimes tools simply get in the way and out of control.

In today’s episode I want give you 5 reasons I have switched to using Evernote for all my blogging. I knew I needed an app that would change how I write. Basically, I just wanted to write my posts whenever and where ever. With Word it’s not easy. With DeskPM it’s impossible and Scrivener again, impossible.

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In today’s Episode:

Enter Evernote.

I switched to writing every blog post in Evernote. It’s not made as a word-processing application, but it does a great job, and rivals MS Word for straight typing without the fancy frills and offerings of Microsoft. I don’t want a bloated software, I need simple and easy.

  • Evernote allows distraction free writing.
  • Gives freedom to write where ever and whenever.
  • Has a robust searching system.
  • Has the most efficient filing system.
  • And Evernote allows me to save internet articles with ease.


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Question: What is your favorite feature of Evernote? Have you used it? Leave a comment by clicking here!

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