053: Staying the Course by Creating More. [Podcast]

My 2016 Reader Survey Results.

Each year, I conduct a reader survey. These survey’s help me know my reader’s better. The goal was for me to get a feeling for what you are looking for, and if I’m on the right track. The best part of the results is the value it provides benefits you by helping me craft this blog to your needs.

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While not all those who visit my blog on a monthly basis completed the survey. But that’s okay. Because those who did allows me to craft my material just for you. If you’ve not completed, or have not taken the survey yet, you can access it here it will only take two minutes to fill out.

Survey Results:


  • 75% of readers are Male
  • 25% of readers are Female
  • 49% are between the ages of 29 – 40 years
  • 51% are between 45 – 60 years
  • 75% have a bachelors or higher degree.

The Blog/podcast itself.

  • Between the 5 main categories I write the two highest were – Productivity and Social Media with Personal Development and Writing coming in for close second place.
  • Most enjoy my blog for it’s clarity and informative tone. My readers believe I help them apply my teachings to every day life.
  • I learned this podcast is a hit with my readers. With the majority saying they love it.
  • The release schedule of the podcast is right in line with what my audience wants. They like that they can count on a weekly delivery.

New Products, ideas and the future of jbsisam.com:

I asked what products people would like me to create. Here’s the response – though they were split greatly.

  • 33% of readers want another devotional ebook.
  • 16% want an ebook on priorities
  • 16% want an course on starting their own podcast.
  • 16% want a course on publishing their own book.
  • And 16% want a video course on how to start their own blog.

Key takeaways:

1. Continual focus on your needs. The reason I do a survey each year is to help my readers learn and grow. They help me curate my content each week. Because of the results, Productivity and Social Media are the main categories my readers want. These resonate with me as I’ve taken great strides in being more productive as I’ve become increasingly busy with work, this blog and family. Also, without the aid of Social Media, this blog would fall flat. My goal is to teach and share weekly what’s happening in my life to help you in yours. I can’t forget about the foundation of personal development and the act of writing – with these four categories, I know my readers will come away with knowledge to apply to their own lives.

2. A desire for more valuable content. I don’t write for my own sake, I write so that you can become clear in your life. I want you to succeed in your family, ministry and life and purchasable products are just what my audience is looking for. Something they can sink their teeth into. This is why I’m going to focus my efforts on creating two brand new ebooks. 1. A devotional on an area of faith and leadership in our vocation. and 2. an ebook on priorities. I believe these books will help my audience grow. I also have begun starting the work on a brand new ecourse on publishing your own book. And I will walk you through step by step.

3. I’m going to continue my Podcast. One thing I’ve learned, this podcast is changing lives. One survey responder said this, “I always look forward to your podcast, and in slow times I enjoy reading through your emails. Definitely keep doing…anything, really.” I know this podcast is changing lives. So, I continue on each week. My promise to you that this year, I will publish a new episode every Wednesday at 5 am.

Thank you for participating in my 2016 Reader Survey. It is through these surveys I can focus my content on this blog for your needs. My desire is to see you succeed in your family, ministry/business and life. I pray you’re blessed through the content I create. And I know that 2016 will be a fun year and a year where we’re both growing. Thank you for making your voice known. And thank you for taking this survey. You have helped me focus my attention to your needs so that you may stay motivated with clarity, find your voice and succeed in life.

Would you be so kind and respond?

Question: What do you think of these results of this survey? Are you surprised? Did I miss anything that you are looking for in this blog? Leave a comment by clicking here!

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