050: 7 Life-Changing Reasons your Dreams Should be God-sized [Podcast]

Learning to develop a dream propositional statement.

Life, business, family is all good, but if we don’t know where we’re going they will all fall apart. Vision and dreams are what keep us motivated for the future. Dreams are the bread and butter of where we want to be and gives us the roadmap of how to get there.

In today’s episode we’re talking about dreams. We’ll be looking through the life of Joseph and how dreaming God-sized dreams didn’t stop him when life became difficult. Welcome to the 50th Episode of the J. B. Sisam Show!

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A look back:

  • It all started with an idea.
  • My first episode was recorded at the kitchen table using only my laptop and on-board microphone.
  • My second episode was recorded using phone-earbuds.

The Main topic:

  • Why dream?
  • What can we learn from Joseph?
  • Dreams keep us moving forward.
  • Dreams give us hope that tomorrow is better than yesterday.
  • Without vision we perish.
  • People today are looking for examples of what true leadership looks like.
  • Develop your Purpose and Dream Statement.

I am
I dream
to do
so that

I am Jason Sisam who is an author, blogger and pastor, husband and father. I dream of a day where I grow deeper in my relationship and love for and with my wife so that our marriage will be an example of a godly marriage for others to follow. I dream of a day where my children will pursue the dreams and passions God has given them, that they would one day come to faith in Jesus Christ. I dream of a day where I have a platform where thousands of worn-out leaders and writers so they can come and receive a kickstart to their dream and vision for life. My dream is to do/be a person who is transparent, approachable and real so that I can help these individuals succeed in their family, ministries and life. My dream is to see this blog become a place where writers and leaders can come to get the tools they need so that they can take their craft and platform to the next level. My dream is to bring home enough income through this blog so that my wife can be a stay at home mom. My desire is to allow my life to be the example of what it truly means to be a follower of Jesus Christ in a world that has lost all sense of hope,* so that others may find purpose and vision in life.

Then break it down to a propositional statement…

I am
I help
to do
so that

I am a blogger, pastor and author; I help worn-out and overwhelmed leaders stay motivated with clear thinking so they are equipped with clarity and tools they need to succeed in their family, ministry and life.

Then break it down one more time to an easy to remember statement.

Find your voice | Succeed in life.

Resources in this episode:

Question: What are you doing to make your dream a reality. Leave a comment by clicking here!

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