044: How to win at work and get more done in less time. [Podcast]

5 Powerful Applications to help you achieve success.

We all desire to accomplish goals. Those accomplishments don’t happen because our plate is too full. But what if I were to tell you there’s a way you can get more done in less time. In today’s episode, I want to walk you through 5 applications I use everyday to help me achieve success by getting more done in less time.

And, did you know that God doesn’t care if you are happy? I’ll explain what I mean in today’s CrossTALK segment.

CrossTALK: Why God doesn’t care if you’re happy.

  • Our pradigm should be shifting toward joy, not happiness.
  • God desires us to be joyful in all circumstances.
  • Happiness is of the world and selfish.
  • True joy/happiness comes from the Lord.

Main Topic:


  • Write down your goals.
  • Use it to write your sermons.
  • Use it to keep track of your receipts for taxes.
  • Use it to collaborate with a team.
  • Ebook download: 5 Reasons you should use Evernote for your Ministry Team.


  • Automate daily tasks.
  • Schedule tasks to others.
  • Schedule 5-7 major tasks per day.
  • Sit down each Sunday and go over the next week’s tasks.
  • Revisit tasks and the end of each day.
  • Push less relevant tasks to the beginning of the next day.


  • Breaks inbox up into categories.
    >* Primary
    >* Social
    >* Promotions
    >* Updates
    >* Forums
    >* SPAM
  • Create a processed folder. (All read emails get moved here.)
  • Task anything to the calendar that doesn’t have to be done now.
  • The Spam folder is the best there is.
  • Groups conversations together for easy finding.

Buffer App

  • Free for 1 of each account. (facebook, twitter, instagram etc.
  • Schedule your posts.
  • Easily tracks which post is most popular.
  • Easily repost.

Reach by Causely

  • Allows you to donate water, food clothing and more to children in need around the world.
  • Allows your congregation to spread your vision with the push of a button.
  • Tracks your likes, shares and reach daily.
  • Gives you all the promotional content you need on a monthly/weekly basis.

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