043: My Current and Future Plans – Part 2 [Podcast]

Accomplishing Priorities, one goal at a time

We all love to plan. But the problem most face, they plan without having clear goal in mind to accomplish that plan. In today’s episode I want to walk you through several goals I have for 2016 and what I plan to do to see them come to fruition while helping you set vision for your plans. I also have a great tip of the week for you and did you know before sin there was only one law to live by – there was and I’ll fill you in.

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In today’s episode:


  • God created man.
  • God gave man one rule.
  • Man sinned.
  • Man blamed God.

Tip of the Week:

Use Evernote to store your PDF’s. You’ll always have them, on every device, and you’ll save room on your computer.

Feature Presentation:

  • Book on priorities and goal setting
  • Podcast tutorial
  • Tutorial lessons for purchase
  • Consulting and coaching

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