037: 7 Powerful Reasons You Must Have a Website

Websites. Do you need one? People are looking for you. But if you are not online, you’re missing out on a huge demographic.


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Websites are the window of your organization. They give people a glance behind the curtain. It’s said that nearly 45% of churches do not have websites, and I read once that nearly 58% of authors don’t have websites.

We’re missing huge demographics of people. Two out of three people have internet at home, the office, or mobile device. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve simply skipped over those who did not have a website. Why? Because I can’t find any validation for that business.

In today’s episode I want to walk you through why you should have a website.

In Today’s Episode:

  1. Websites never sleep.
  2. Great advertiser for your business, church or ministry.
  3. Reach more people.
  4. Why Blogging is necessary.
  5. Allows you to archive your media.
  6. Upcoming events.
  7. Cheaper than you think.

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