031: 7 Simple Ways to Fool-Proof Your Internet Security [podcast]

Why is internet security so important and how you can protect your passwords.

Nothing worse or more frightening then going to login to your email only to find you’ve been locked out simply because you’ve been hacked. How do we daily protect ourselves from hackers, and those who simply want to steal our information? In today’s podcast we’re going to look at simple strategies to beef up our online security. Nothing is better than making sure our online life is secure.


In Today’s Episode:

1. People like to use the same password.
2. Try not to link too many accounts together.
3. Protect your email.
4. Protect your banking.
5. Use double login protection especially on your WordPress website.
6. Make sure your computer security settings are current and up to date.
7. Make sure you have login notifications turned on where available.


LastPass Online Protection

Let’s talk about it:

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