019: 4 Keys to Creating a Sticky Church

Everyone needs fellowship. It’s the undeniable fact that humans need humans to move forward in life. You can’t do it alone, even though most try. In this week’s episode, we’re going to be looking at 4 keys to running a sticky church. These steps will prove to you that fellowship for a newcomer is essential to helping them stick and get involved.


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In today’s episode:

  • 4 Keys to creating a sticky church:
    • Have a clear path for newcomers to follow.
    • Make sure small groups have clear focus.
    • Newcomers are attracted to new groups.
    • If people have a great experience, they’ll invite others.
  • TIP OF THE WEEK: Winstream App to help you remain positive daily.
  • Leader’s Corner: What we focus will determine how we will either win or lose. We must have preparedness, contemplation and actionable plans to succeed in the race of life.

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