3 Things Every Parent Must Do To Raise Godly Children.

Creating a Fuller House of Holiness

In the wake of murder, sex and language on television, parents are fighting what seems to be a losing battle for the minds of their children. Then along comes Jeff Franklin and Candice Cameron-Burre in the revival of the popular 90’s TV show, Full House.

Kari and I sat down to watch Fuller House—yes it’s heavily handed in nostalgia—and it was refreshing. The language was very mild and there are mild suggestive themes. That being said, the show premise is based on family, through the tough times and everyday life, helping each other along. 

Welcome to the New J. B. Sisam Website!

7 Reasons why I redesigned my brand

I love change. It’s what keeps me moving forward, knowing that something better is on the horizon. This is the reason I’ve redesigned my blog. I know something great is coming.

Over the past couple years I’ve played with several designs, but the overall look was tried by thousands of other bloggers and it didn’t serve my vision as I had hoped. Also, my branding at J. B. Sisam has outgrown WordPress.com.

3 Years and No Looking Back: 3 Tips to Creating a Healthy Marriage

I’ve been married, as of yesterday, three years. And, these have been the best years of my life. Our marriage couldn’t be stronger and healthier. I’ve talked with men who’ve wanted the secret to a successful marriage or men wiser and older than I, who’ve offered advice for my taking.

Our Wedding Day 6-09-12

Our Wedding Day 6-09-12

Waiting down at the bottom of the aisle was exhilarating. I still remember the entire audience staring at me as I waited for my bride. Canon in D began. The doors flooded open. My heart pounded. Then, a glimmer of white caught my eye. There she was, beautiful, pure and walking towards me.

4 Reasons Everyone Should Nap Daily!

I love naps! They are the spice of life. They keep me going. But have you ever felt guilty by taking naps in the middle of the day? Been at your desk for long periods and find yourself drifting off to sleep?

flickr.com / Jacob Bøtter

flickr.com / Jacob Bøtter

I’m writing this on a Sunday evening, after I’ve taken an hour nap. I feel great, like I could take on the whole world. Well, maybe just my task of writing this post.

Celebrating America: 3 Reason’s Why This is the Greatest Nation on Earth!

Today, baseball stadiums fill with people, people grill-out, cities have their festivals and the bereaved go to a cemetery to morn their loved one. It seems that in today’s society, people have simply forgotten why we even celebrate Memorial Day. We’d rather grill than talk about the sacrifices our soldiers made so we can have that grilling party; so that we can be free!

Photo courtesy of www.creationswap.com

Photo courtesy of www.creationswap.com

Several years ago we celebrated with my Grandpa by going on a cruise down the Mississippi in St. Paul, MN.

Staying the Course: 2015 Reader Survey Results

(CrossTALK will return with a new episode next Friday. If you’ve missed, catch up here!)

The beginning of the month I conducted a reader survey. This is the first major survey I’ve done. The feedback I received helped me know you, my readers, better. The goal was for me to get a feeling for what you are looking for, and if I’m on the right track. The best part of the results is the value it provides benefits you by helping me craft this blog to your needs.

Getty images | Monty Racussen

Getty images | Monty Racussen

While not all those who visit my blog on a monthly basis completed the survey. But that’s okay. Because those who did allows me to craft my material just for you. If you’ve not completed, or have not taken the survey yet, you can access it here. It will only take two minutes to fill out.