7 Writing Ideas that will Kill Writer’s Block for good. 

The easiest way to write anything without getting stuck.

A blinking cursor on a white screen. It can haunt the most seasoned writer. After two books, over 200 blog posts and nearly as many copy-writing ads–the dreaded writer’s block is something that has the tendency to hit hard.

Today, it’s easier for me to beat the block. But so many writers struggle with it. They dread the moment they can’t figure to what to write about. It doesn’t matter if you’re putting together a speech, a blog post, or writing your book–you will find yourself staring at the screen wondering what you should write.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat down to write a blog post, get through the first paragraph and… nothing.

I write, and delete. I write, and delete. The process is grueling and doesn’t seem to have an end. So, how do we combat writer’s block?

Here’s my list of 7 Writing Ideas that will kill writer’s block for good.

1. Start writing. Nothing kills writer’s block more than just sitting down and beginning to write. it doesn’t matter what it is. When i find myself not knowing what to write about, I begin writing scripture or a song I know. When we take too long to think, the words seep further into the recesses of our mind. But, when you begin writing something you already know, your brain begins to fire and you’ll find yourself with clarity and focus to begin your task.

2. Look through your archives. As a blogger, I have well over 200 posts on this blog. One of the best ways to find something to write about is to go through your archives of past posts. This simple action will give you plenty of ideas to write about. Take a popular post, rework it, retitle it and repost for a new audience to find.

3. Use part of a sermon/speech to craft a blog post. As a pastor and small group leader, I have plenty of ideas from sermons and talks to kick my brain into action. If you do a lot of speeches, pull your ideas from a recent talk. Take a few of your main points, condense them and you’ll have a new blog post. In-fact, you can use the same sermon/speech to create two or three blog posts for a series of articles. 

4. Begin with an anecdote. People love stories. Who better to tell a story than you. No one knows you better. Why not tell a personal story from your life. What lessons did you learn? How can you encourage your readers through your story? When you find yourself stuck, use these questions and craft a lesson that will change someone’s life.

5. Write about a simple task. Each day we do menial tasks. Some of these tasks may seem simple to us, but to someone else it’s something they need instruction. Write down your workflow in step-by-step instructions for others to follow. 

6. Journal about your day. I do not journal frequently. I know I should. That being said, there’s something about journaling your day that allow the mind to focus. It takes the focus off the topic you’re writing about and it lets the words flow. When you come back to your topic, you’ll find a new sense of focus to write.

7. Write a resource list. We all have favorite apps, books, movies or topics we personally like. Why not take what you know and write a quick resource list. In-fact, this blog post is a resource list of ideas. People love lists, and if you give them a list you like, maybe they’ll find it just as helpful in their daily journey of life. 

Writer’s block exists, but it’s how we deal with it that determines our success. You are your own worst enemy, but having a set of resources at your disposal will help you combat it and give your mind freedom to write what God has placed on your heart.

Question: How do you handle writer’s block? Is there anything you’d add to this list? Leave a comment by clicking here!

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