Speak His Words!

JOB 33:2-6a

Have you ever thought about what you say or how you say it? Chances are most people you communicate with will have a better way of saying something you’ve just stated. Life can be cumbersome – but when we are speaking, the important thing is to not just blurt out what is on our mind. Jesus said, “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” Every action we do, every word we utter, needs to convey one thing… our relationship with Jesus Christ.

There is always a correct way of saying something, and an incorrect way of saying something. When Job was going through his testing, he could have cursed God, but yet he didn’t – though he did complain about his situation. Job’s friend, Elihu said this… “Now, I open my mouth; my tongue speaks in my mouth, my words come from my upright heart… the Spirit of God has made me…

He is saying that in everything we do, we must be proclaiming who God is and that truth is to be uttered in everything we say and do. Our words must come, not from a heart that is bitter about life, but it must come from an upright heart as Elihu states. We are God’s spokesmen here on earth. People are watching our every word and action. The question I pose is this… “How are we going to react when things don’t go our way?”

I remember watching “Facing the Giants” movie. There is a scene in there where Coach Taylor is praying. “God if nothing goes right, if you don’t give us children, if we don’t win the season in football… I will still praise you.” This needs to be our heart, no matter where we are, we are to be proclaiming God’s praise to those around us. Remember the old song. “Be careful little mouth what you say? Cause our God up above is looking down on us… so be careful little mouth what you say.” As the book of Job puts it we are to set our words in order because we are God’s spokesman.

Blessings in Christ,

J. B.  Sisam

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