3 Ways to Kill off Writer’s Block and Writing Distractions for Good.

Booting your life in safe-mode and using your environment to write.

We all experience moments where your brain shuts down and you can’t write another word. Some call it writer’s block, others call it laziness.


What happens when you sit down, see that cursor, and want to shut down and reboot your brain in safe-mode? Writer’s block happens to everyone. It creeps in when you’re least expecting it and you find you’re at a total loss, wishing you could write just one more paragraph without pulling out your hair.

Last night, after the Minnesota Vikings win, I grabbed my phone from my nightstand and found it rebooted into safe-mode.

Odd isn’t it?

I rebooted again and after five attempts, I realized my phone is permanently stuck on safe-mode.Thank you, I now have a nearly $800 paperweight.

Thank you, I now have a nearly $800 paperweight.

After investigating, I found my phone’s volume down button was broken. I have a Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge. When you hold down the power and volume down button, your phone boots into safe-mode.

You’re wondering what this has to do with writing? Here are three things:

1. Get rid of distractions.

Phones, tablets, games, apps, and television are all massive distractions that keep us from remaining focused on our task at hand, writing.

In safe-mode, the only apps that work are the ones that came with the phone. They’re your basic apps: Calling, Messaging, Email, and the Internet. Not much else works and are all disabled.

When it comes to writing, get rid of anything that’s a distraction. Sometimes we think we have writer’s block but it’s really a lack of concentration in sitting down to just write.

Take the time to boot your mind into safe-mode. Retreat to your favorite writing spot, mine happens to be the kitchen counter–that’s where I’m writing this blog post–and start writing.

2. Write about anything.

One of the best ways to combat writer’s block is to write about anything. Take this post for instance. I have a broken phone, it’s stuck in a non-working mode–I can’t use it–so, I write a post about writer’s block.

Why? Because I had no idea what to write for today’s post.

Stephen King once was asked how he comes up with all these great book ideas. His response was brilliant; he said something like, “I just look around me and write that. If it’s an ant crawling on the floor, I’ll write about that ant.”

Isn’t that neat? Use your environment and craft a scene or short story about what it is you see.

3. Just write; Really!

Writing is hard work, but it’s also a blast. I have more fun writing because I can use my words to craft a story or convey an idea–something that will inspire and encourage and entertain.

In reality, there’s no such thing as writer’s block, it’s a presupposed idea we use to convince ourselves that we can’t write. What’s happening around you right now? WRITE that!

I had no clue what to write. I took a break, came back to the keyboard, and wrote about my broken phone.

It’s as simple as that. The other day, I had no clue what to write next in my novel, so I wrote about baptism after I washed my hands. The water clued me in on my next scene, so that’s what I added to my story.

Take the time to let the world speak to you. Stuff, events, and life all speak, but the question is, are we paying attention and listening to what we’re being told?

Take the time today, find one thing happening around you and write about that moment. You’ll be amazed at where your story and writing will take you if you just listen.

Question: What do you use to get unstuck and start writing again? Leave a comment by clicking here!

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