Divine Providence–moves forward!

A very special date is just around the corner–one I’m getting excited about.  November 2, 2010 is the release date for “Divine Providence” Mark this date in your calendar–as you will not want to miss the release of this book. The story you are about to read is one which will move you to tears, make you smile and warm your heart.

Some of you may have wondered where I’ve been the past couple months. A friend of mine mentioned I had not written on my blog in quite some time. And I apologize for not doing so. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. If you visit my website… www.jbsisam.com, you will find an excerpt of “Diving Providence” for your reading enjoyment. If you enjoy the excerpt, click the “like” button at the end of the excerpt and tell all your friends about it. I dare you!

Writing for Him,

J. B. Sisam

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