3 Things Every Parent Must Do To Raise Godly Children.

Creating a Fuller House of Holiness

In the wake of murder, sex and language on television, parents are fighting what seems to be a losing battle for the minds of their children. Then along comes Jeff Franklin and Candice Cameron-Burre in the revival of the popular 90’s TV show, Full House.

Kari and I sat down to watch Fuller House—yes it’s heavily handed in nostalgia—and it was refreshing. The language was very mild and there are mild suggestive themes. That being said, the show premise is based on family, through the tough times and everyday life, helping each other along. 

5 Game Winning Leadership Traits of Blair Walsh

Learning to celebrate victory in failure.

In the NFL, every team desires to advance through the playoffs to take on one last team for the ultimate trophy–the Superbowl! Each team beats the ground until disaster strikes and your team is knocked out of the playoffs. Your heart is broken, but what can we learn about leadership from such failures?

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Because I live in Minnesota–the frozen tundra–I am a huge Vikings fan. I cheer for my team, win or lose. In January, we had the chance to advance to another playoff game until the unthinkable happened, Blair Walsh missed the game winning field goal. I remember sitting there, dumbstruck, as he’d hit every one that game, in-fact Mr. Walsh was the only Vikings player to put points on the board.

5 Reasons for Setting Yearly Goals

As each year draws to a close we begin thinking about our New Years Resolution. The problem most have, they don’t accomplish their goals by year’s end. There are so many ways we can track our goals. And seeing true accomplishment is easier than you think.


When we begin taking the time to follow through our goals, we can actually achieve them.

Why You Don’t Need the Holy Spirit to Lead

Great leaders come and go. They inspire us to be better than ourselves. They encourage us to press through even when the going gets tough. But what truly makes a successful leader?


As a pastor, I often am confronted with choices. Do I go this direction, or that direction? Which way should I take those I’m leading? The hard reality, knowing you’ve made the right choice.

027: 5 Reasons Church Membership is Biblical

People come and go from church. They hop to and fro, trying to find the greener grass on the other side of the fence. But is there greener pastures, or are we called to be planted where we can make the biggest impact for the Kingdom of God? Today, I we’re talking about church membership and why I believe it’s biblical and needed in today’s culture. Also, we’re diving back into John Maxwell’s daily devotional on leadership. And I have a great tip of the week, something that will keep your computer battery life healthy.


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024: How to Create Momentum to Generate Success

Why do we press on when it’s hard to see fruit? Life is full of curveballs and we never know when one will be thrown. Life is full of victories, but we often forget them and settle back into the humdrum rhythm of life, wondering if we’ll get another victory. In today’s episode we’re going to look at what it takes to press through and see the fruit of our labor.


4 Steps to Resetting your Vision!

What happens when you feel stuck? What do you do when you feel you can’t go any further. You feel trapped by mistakes you’ve made. Or because of success in your past, you feel you can’t replicate that success.

Being Stuck

What do you do to create a better year? How do you move from where you are now, to a place where you feel comfortable taking your business to the next level?

019: 4 Keys to Creating a Sticky Church

Everyone needs fellowship. It’s the undeniable fact that humans need humans to move forward in life. You can’t do it alone, even though most try. In this week’s episode, we’re going to be looking at 4 keys to running a sticky church. These steps will prove to you that fellowship for a newcomer is essential to helping them stick and get involved.


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6 Reasons First Time Guests Never Return!

I don’t know about you, but I know I’m a glutton for punishment. Each week, after service, I take a look at the numbers to see how many guests and members were in service. I love numbers, but all I get is depressed. And maybe that’s the neurotic in me. But what about the guests? Why do they not return, after all that hard work to get them in the door?

Single woman sits on bench

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Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with looking at numbers. We have to in order to know how our organizations are doing. But when all we focus on is getting people into the door for the first time, we’re missing a whole section of people we would otherwise miss out on.

015: How to be the Encourager: 4 Tips to Helping Depressed People set Life Goals!

In this week’s episode I look at the issue of depression and how it inhibits people from living life to the full. But how do we help them when they come to us, looking for encouragement, and how do we remain encouraged?


In our society we find that a lot of people live unhappy lives. These people are depressed, insecure and don’t set solid goals. This episode dives into the topic of helping them set action plans and how to counsel them when they come running through our office doors.