3 Facts You Need to Know to Write.

Build A Passionate Story You Can Be Proud Of.

When you think about your book, what goes through your mind? Knowing what to write and sitting down to write it are two different things. But, having the right mindset will help you accomplish what your book is about.

Write your book with passion

Write your book with passion

I began writing my book, Divine Providence, in 2008. In reality, it was to be a single page story. I was going to print it on old-time style paper, burn the edges and frame it for my family.

That year was one of the most difficult years of my life. I was asked to take a pay cut and I didn’t’ have a lot of money to spend on my family. That one-page paper turned into an 110-page novella.

I wrote that first draft in 30 days. It was hard work. I didn’t give up on my dream of having a finished book. The most important thing, I did it for me.

Every book begins with one word. Here are 3 facts you need to write your next book.

1. Write to share your heart.

When you sit down to write your story, what do you want to convey? What is the burning message on your heart that must be written?

Writing is about sharing your heart. The message that God has placed in your soul is something that can change the lives of those who read your words. Don’t write a story that is plain and unoriginal, write a story that moves, breathes and has a life of its own. Write a story that awakens the deepest desires in your reader’s soul.

That’s what writing is about.

2. Write to Inspire.

When I sit down to write, I ask myself one burgeoning question, what action do I want my reader to take? Answering this one question will give your writing power to inspire your reader to take action.

Why are you writing your story? Besides sharing your heart, think how you motivate your reader to impart your words in their lives. Our intention should gain a response through the words we put to page.

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3. Write for yourself.

If anything, write the book you’d read. I know this typically goes against what I preach on this blog. When we take the time to write down the stories that we want to read, in that moment, we’ll truly find a passionate story deep within our soul to write.

I’m not saying write something no one has written before. What I’m talking about, write the story you want to write. Even if you never publish that story, write it anyway. It’s good practice.

I have written several stories before I wrote Divine Providence or Grace. The goal is to write. Sit down with your computer, and write. Don’t think about your next chapter. Don’t think about your next plot point. Just write.

When you write for the sake of writing you will tap into something special that’ll pull on your deepest resources.

At the end of the day, if you don’t enjoy what you’re writing, you’re writing the wrong story.

What do you do? Start over, find your heart, find what inspires others to action, and write for yourself. When you do these three things you’ll build a passionate story you can be proud of.

Question: Have you given up on your story? What do you desire to write next? Leave a comment by clicking here!

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