061: Why you should embrace the 5-hour learning rule. [Podcast]

My thoughts and takeaways from the 2016 Harvest Network International Conference.

Life gets cumbersome and in the way, but what do we do when we hit a wall? In today’s episode, I talk about the wall I’ve hit in my personal life and how I plan on moving forward.

In my six-week sabbatical there are several life lessons I’m learning and applying to my life. But success and results don’t happen overnight, in-fact, they happen with determination and a dedication to seeing results over the long haul. If we want to see success daily, we need to admit that we need God. It’s in that drawing closer to him that allows our minds to clear and him to speak.

It’s in those quiet moments where he’s speaks the loudest, but are we listening? If you truly want the next level it takes deliberate learning and a willing to ask the question; Where do I go from here?

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3 Ways Humility Creates Better Leaders.

Leading with purpose and counting the cost.

Last week I attended the annual Harvest Network International assembly (pastor and leader’s conference) in Minnesota. The music, speakers, workshops and fellowship/networking were out of this world. I’m so glad I decided to go this year. This conference is designed to help leaders take their ministries and lives to the next level.

This year we had an awesome lineup of speakers; Ken Roberts, Francis Frangipane, Jim Anderson and Kirk Bennett. I took tons of notes and the Spirit of God spoke heavily to my spirit. I want to focus on talks given by Francis Frangipane and by Jim Anderson. Their focus; humility.

059: What I’m doing to take things to the Next Level. [Podcast]

3 things I'm doing this Summer to Succeed!

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “What am I doing, and is it making a difference?” This very question plagues most, but few find the answer. In today’s episode I share what’s on my heart for the future.

Over the next several weeks, months and years there are things I’m putting into place that will help me clarify my vision for the future. My desire is to take thing to the next level, but without a plan in place it won’t happen.

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I Am Not A Christian – Part 1

paul_timothyThere is a myth in the American Christian church that says, “I can be my own Christian, walking my own path.” There is no need to confide in people, because they will only hurt and betray. As a pastor, I’ve seen people come and go from the church because of an offense they’ve picked up somewhere. Usually the reason someone leaves a church has nothing to do with the church, it’s something they’ve carried with them, from another church, the moment they became a 1st time attendee at ours.