Season 1, Episode 12: Keeping Your Eyes on Jesus! [Podcast]

Do you find it difficult to keep your eyes focused forward? Most believers in today’s society find it easier to be busy than take time to be people who proclaim the message of the cross.


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…And the City Shall be Taken!

Used by permission of

Used by permission of

Zechariah 14

Iraq is about to fall. Russia is slowly reclaiming their empire. Iran, Egypt and Syria have their qualms with Israel. Al Qaeda is on the rise, stronger than ever before. School shootings are rising. Civil unrest is happening all around the world.

What is happening? It seems as if all hell is breaking lose. The reality is… it is. The Bible is very clear that in the final days war, rumors of wars, plagues and evil would be on the rise and prevalent. I remember the day I woke up to a new and scary world.

THE Hidden Message in X-Men SHARE-A-BLOG

On today’s SHARE-A-BLOG I’m sharing Seth Adam Smith’s blog post about the new X-Men movie. Now, for those of you know me I love movies. In-fact I’d rather watch movies than TV. The movies I like the most are… superhero movies. Mainly for the action, but they also inspire us to be better than ourselves.

Seth brings a great revelation about the new X-Men: DOFP Like I’ve never seen before. It’s right in-line with what I would see. As a pastor I look for messages of hope in movies, even if most people glaze over it.