7 Reasons Why you should Write your Book this Year.

Embracing the mantra... "Nobody lives forever."

Most people think about writing a book. Few ever accomplish it. But if you’ve never written a book, I encourage you to get yours written today.

For years I wanted to write a book and become a famous author. While I may not be famous, I have written two books; Divine Providence, Grace and a short ebook. These books have opened doors for me that I never thought possible.

063: Write the Story that Demands Attention. [Podcast]

Why you are writing the wrong book.

Writing the great American novel is a dream for most authors. But the reality, those come few and far between, and I guarantee most of us will never craft that perfect novel. In today’s episode, I want to talk about writing the story that demands to be told.

When I began to write my first novel, I had no idea how it would turn out. Today, while I’m currently writing my next novel, I have a much better idea of where I”m heading, and I’ll explain the changes I’ve made along the way.

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6 Things Every Novel Must Have.

Writing for Readers.

Books are powerful. They have the ability to change lives and allow us to see ourselves through a different lens. As writers we have to learn to become stronger at what we’re not good at. It’s all about learning and growing to become a better writer.

Some of the best fiction is about a character who changes. Shouldn’t we be pushing our main characters forward to a life changing moment? It’s in those moments that the reader has a life-changing moment, whether they know it or not.

Writing is… NOW!

3 Reasons today is the day to begin writing your story!

As a writer, I often wonder what my life would be like if I were a character in someone’s novel? Would I be the gallant hero diving in to save the day and get the girl, or would I be the evil and sinister bad guy who wants to rule the world?

The funny thing is, as I’m writing, I often wonder what it would be like to be one of the characters I’m trying to create. Because, I know this will sound weird, in a sense they are real people. They have real hurts, real goals and real obstacles to overcome. I do what I can to help guide their lives, so that they make good choices. Yet, I have some characters that tell me they’re about to make a wrong choice.

054: Crush Writer’s Block in 5 Easy Steps. [Podcast]

Learning to write when the well runs dry.

Have you stared at a blank page wondering what you’re going to write for your next blog post? It happens far too often and worse, when you have nothing to draw your ideas from, writing becomes a chore.

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I’ve been blogging since 2009 and I have found several things that keep me from running out of ideas. I find it easy to beat writer’s block. You’ll find blogs, articles and books telling new writers that it doesn’t exist–-that writer’s block is an excuse to quite writing. Writer’s block exists, but it’s how we deal with it that determines our success.

How to Establish Daily Writing Habits that Produce Results.

3 Must-dos that will elevate your craft to the next level.

As a writer, it’s easy for me to say just sit down and write. Duh! It’s that simple. But is it? I’ve come across several writers who ask me; “How do you find the time to write as much as you do?” There is a science to it.

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I started writing in hight school. My desire was to become an author. I dreamed of writing that book. I wanted it so bad, I could almost taste it. Fast-forward ten years and my book was finally published.

7 Writing Ideas that will Kill Writer’s Block for good. 

The easiest way to write anything without getting stuck.

A blinking cursor on a white screen. It can haunt the most seasoned writer. After two books, over 200 blog posts and nearly as many copy-writing ads–the dreaded writer’s block is something that has the tendency to hit hard.

Today, it’s easier for me to beat the block. But so many writers struggle with it. They dread the moment they can’t figure to what to write about. It doesn’t matter if you’re putting together a speech, a blog post, or writing your book–you will find yourself staring at the screen wondering what you should write.

Why Now is the Time to Voice Your Message

When I look through Amazon Kindle’s store, I realize there are a lot of books. The opposite is also true; when I look through a cemetery, I realize there are hundreds of unwritten books. Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has a message to share.


When I first wrote my book, Divine Providence, I had no idea the blessing it would be. There was one father who emailed me and said, ”Thank you for writing this book. It has helped me be more intentional in my family.”

5 Habits That Create Distraction Free Writing

We live in a society that makes it easy to be distracted from what’s important. But what a lot of people don’t realize is, we find it okay to remain distracted, and procrastinate. It’s our subconscious hard at work, and keeping out the distractions is the hard part.

As a content producer, I find I have to be vigilant to keep distractions at a minimum, otherwise I become the dog watching for squirrels.

How to Write a Book in 30 Days

A lot of people desire to write that perfect book. And the best thing about having written a book is to brag about it. You are an expert on the topic. People will recognize your new status, but the best part, we can help more people draw near to the heart of God through our writing.

flickr.com / Victoria Nevland

flickr.com / Victoria Nevland

So why write a book? I ask; why not? If you have a 5 or 7 part sermon series, you already have the outline to a book written. Think about it. We spend hours each week pouring over what to teach on a Sunday morning. It’s grueling work, but after we’re done preaching, we put it away and maybe rehash it again a few years later.