3 Reasons Why Scrivener will Improve your Writing.

The very best book writing app, I guarantee.

Like a construction worker, I need tools that will help me focus on writing. This toolbox is filled with ideas, electronics, pens, swipe files, books and more. But we all need quality software to help us write more effectively.

Name the software and I’ve tried it; Microsoft Word, Desk.pm, and even Evernote. While all great software, for what they’re created for, they’re not created for writing books. In-fact, I wrote my first novel using Microsoft Word. Now, there’s nothing wrong with Word, however it becomes increasingly difficult the longer your book becomes.

073: 3 Things you must do to become a better writer. [Podcast]

Writing habits that produce real results.

As a writer, it’s easy to say, sit down and write to someone who is aspiring to be a writer. But the truth is, if you want to be a writer, you have to sit down to write. Every writer wants to take their craft to the next level, and be more productive, and in today’s episode, I’ll show you how.

Today, I want to give you three things that will elevate your writing to the next level. These three things I do every week, and the results pay off. I’ve been published in newspapers, the Huffington Post and numerous blogs. If you’re wanting to be a writer, this is the episode for you.

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058: Recharge Your Day Using These 6 Techniques. [Podcast]

Focusing your efforts on what matters most.

Do you find yourself running tired. You get your eight hours of sleep, but you still find your efforts falling short? When we learn to focus our efforts on what matters most, we’ll find ourselves recharged and energized to continue the fight one more day.

In today’s episode, I want to walk you through 6 techniques I use daily to recharge and focus on what I need to accomplish. With Facebook, Twitter, hundreds of emails, it’s hard to keep up with the demand. But if you take these things to heart, I guarantee you’ll find freedom in the areas you need it most.

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026: 3 Ways to Create a More Productive Morning

We all wake up in the morning. We all have our rituals. If you’re like me, you’ll hit the snooze button one more time or avoid putting that to-do list together. But, what if I told you there is a better way to kick off your day? A better way to feel more alive and ready to conquer what life throws at you. Today we’re talking about how to have a successful morning routine.


4 Reasons Everyone Should Nap Daily!

I love naps! They are the spice of life. They keep me going. But have you ever felt guilty by taking naps in the middle of the day? Been at your desk for long periods and find yourself drifting off to sleep?

flickr.com / Jacob Bøtter

flickr.com / Jacob Bøtter

I’m writing this on a Sunday evening, after I’ve taken an hour nap. I feel great, like I could take on the whole world. Well, maybe just my task of writing this post.