How to love others and eradicate hate.

3 aspects to God's love.

There is a growing desire in the hearts and minds of those around us to know and want to feel love. Not the love that we just throw around, but a knowing that everything is ok and a love that permeates our entire being. Love is the only way to eradicate hate and bring hope to someone’s life.

How to love others to eradicate hate.

People all around are looking for a God who is not full of wrath, but love. Yet many times, we take a look at some people and write them off, as if they’re hopeless. However, we are commanded to love those around us and we are to show them that true love comes only from God and God alone.

The Dream Where Racism Dies!

My Personal Response to the Anti-American Rally in Charlottesville, VA!

The world is a complicated place. We see heroes, villains, lovers, and haters. Then there’s those who don’t fit into either mold and choose not to get involved.

The dream where racism dies.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last several days, you’ll know there have been major clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia. White supremacists, neo-nazi, and other hate filled groups–from both sides of the aisle–clashed in a violent fashion over the weekend.

082: Why Do We Celebrate Christmas?


It’s soon to be Christmas Morning! The gifts are ready to be opened. The turkey is thawing. Despite all of the festivities, don’t forget the reason we celebrate this season.

As you’re getting ready for company and singing your favorite Christmas songs, let’s not forget we celebrate because of Jesus Christ and him crucified. He came to earth over 2,000 years ago to give us life. Like we set out milk and cookies for Santa Clause, we need to prepare for Jesus’ arrival in our hearts and minds.

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6 Steps to Love Without Tolerance.

In today’s society we find evil creeping into every area of life. We turn the television off because we’re tired of seeing stores burned down because of protests. But what is the reason behind all this hate talk that has become a twisted view of tolerance? / 138514 / 138514

It’s difficult when people come to our church, sit in the pews and they are living lives of sin. They don’t care if we know or not. They continue in their disobedience to God and his Word. How do we help them? How did Jesus set them free?

How to be Hated by Others.

Have you been watching the Bible Series sequel; A.D. The Bible Continues? Do you find it great or do you find it annoying? One thing we all can agree, they keep it real and raw. You feel the emotions of the disciples of Jesus.

flickr / Chris Yarzab

flickr / Chris Yarzab

I love audio and visual representations of scripture. Now, I’ve never seen anything on TV or movies get it right, but one thing I do appreciate is that Roma Downey and Mark Burnett are allowing people to see raw Christianity. In a sense, these two are sharing their faith in Christ through visual media.

Beautiful Death: A Poem

I came across a poem I wrote about four years ago as I was thinking about how wonderful God’s Amazing Grace is. We are saved, not by who we are or what we’ve done, we are saved because a God who so desperately loved this world that He gave His one and only Son. It is in this act of humility that we have life and life abundantly full of joy.

As you read this, remember it isn’t what life holds or gives us that should matter, what matters is the Love that was so deliberately poured out upon a cruel cross, so that we may have that life flowing in and through us.

This was written out of a deep wondering of how beautiful God’s death on a cross really was.


J. B. Sisam

Life’s a Surprise: The Wedding Countdown FINALE


It’s an incredible feeling to be on the threshold of the rest of your life. I will never be in this moment ever again, and I wouldn’t want to be. Yet, at the same time, everything in life doesn’t have to drastically change. When you think about it, life does have those crazy little moments where you look back and see the path that God has had you on this whole time.

In college there was a girl I dated. Our relationship heated up pretty fast, and by the time we were 6 months into the relationship, I was feeling pretty good about where things were headed. Then to my amazement, she broke it off, because her parents wanted it to be broken off, and the best part, she called me from another country to say it was over. I had the money for a ring set aside, and no one to spend the money on. I ended up using the monies as part of the down payment to my house.