084: Making the Most with your Words.

3 reasons to keep writing every week.

I believe God has given you something special to share with the world. That something is your words. It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger, author or freelance writer, your words can change someone’s life.

In today’s episode, we’ll discuss how we can change the world of one person by the words we write. Also, I have some fun changes coming to the blog and we’ll dive back into the ABC’s of blogging glossary with the letter D.

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In Today’s Episode:

  • What can our words do for our readers?
  • Our words encourage.
  • Our words inspire.
  • Our words motivate.
  • Changes coming to jasonsisam.com
  • A lot is remaining the same. Monday blog post and Wednesday Podcast.
  • New email look. No longer sending RSS emails – each one is personally typed by me.
  • New Friday post and email.
  • Things I’m looking at changing, but not ready to pull the trigger.
  • I’m hesitant in sharing these changes.
  • New Podcast host. My current host, Soundcloud is in serious trouble financially. The doors could slam shut.
  • Why I’m not sure which host to move The J. B. Sisam Show to.
  • New email service provider. This move will ensure I can take care of my email subscribers on a more personal level.
  • Why I’m hesitant in making that move.
  • The ABC’s of Blogging.
  • The letter D
  • Discipline. You’ve made a commitment and now you must follow through with that commitment. We show up to write every week, without fail.
  • Do. In other words, do the work each week. Don’t allow yourself to sit back and do nothing, but make it a priority to do the work each week. If you do, your audience will thank you.

Let’s talk about it:

Question: How will you use your words to inspire, motivate and encourage someone this week? Leave a comment by clicking here!


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My goal each week is to bring a message of clarity by giving you the tools you need so you can transform lives and reach the world with the message on your heart.


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