106: Learning to be a communicator of Truth.

3 ways to stay on target with your message.

As writers, we have the obligation to communicate in a way that people will understand. We are always seeking out what truth is and how can we communicate that truth.

Episode 106 Learning to be a communicator of Truth.

When you put pen to paper, are you asking yourself the question what is it I’m trying to say? Do you know the message that God has put on your heart?

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How to focus your goals for 2017.

Today we’re talking about Goals, focus and a new year. All these have one thing in common, and it’s not a new year’s resolution. 2016 is coming to a close and it’s time for us to begin taking a hard look at our lives.

This in-depth look gives us an idea of where we’ve been and where we want to go. But the problem, most set resolutions and never accomplish them. In today’s episode, we’re taking a look at how to focus our goals for the new year and I have an awesome tool that will give you the head start you need to accomplish your goal setting.

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3 Reasons Why Ministry Leaders Should Blog.

Using a blog to change lives.

If you’re running a church, ministry or business you should be blogging. A simple act that can have great benefit is something most leaders miss out on. But, if you want to take your ministry to the next level, you must blog weekly.

When I began blogging in 2009, I really didn’t know I was venturing into something few did. I know countless leaders who say they don’t blog because they either don’t understand the need, or say they don’t have the time. Yet, I found when I began to blog, I would get feedback from people saying, “Thank you for that, it’s just want I needed.”

052: Don’t Give Up On Your Goals [Podcast]

Letting your voice be heard regarding your dreams and vision for life.

This past weekend I listened to a podcast by Cliff Ravenscraft, the Podcast Answerman on Ambition (episode 445). In this episode he talked about letting your voice be heard regarding your vision and dreams for life. Two week’s ago on episode 50 I talked about how we should be dreaming God-sized dreams. What we dream affects our thoughts and impacts our future.

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Just today I found on Twitter from @CoachChristineC, who is in my community said this on her profile. “Don’t give up on your goals just because it takes time to see results.” I was so impacted by that statement I responded in-kind, “and that’s the problem, people want that quick win. We can’t always have it. This is why we should keep pressing forward.” To which she said, “Yes, I see it all the time. What they don’t realize is that if they hadn’t quit it was right around the corner.

Why do I need a Mission Statement?

3 reasons to crafting your life’s purpose

Mission. Most people have no idea what their mission in life is. They may have an thought of what they’d like to do with their life, but mission is something that eludes most people.

I often wonder if mission is simply delusions of grandeur. A few years ago I talked about delusions of grandeur to a Bible study group. I said that to avoid this idea that we are better than everyone else, simply because we’re Christians, we have to first understand what our mission is.

050: 7 Life-Changing Reasons your Dreams Should be God-sized [Podcast]

Learning to develop a dream propositional statement.

Life, business, family is all good, but if we don’t know where we’re going they will all fall apart. Vision and dreams are what keep us motivated for the future. Dreams are the bread and butter of where we want to be and gives us the roadmap of how to get there.

In today’s episode we’re talking about dreams. We’ll be looking through the life of Joseph and how dreaming God-sized dreams didn’t stop him when life became difficult. Welcome to the 50th Episode of the J. B. Sisam Show!

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042: My Current and Future Plans – Part 1 [Podcast]

Changes for 2016 and why I'm making them.

Change. We all need it. It’s what drives us and keeps us moving forward. I realize this sounds similar to earlier this week. I digress, it is. But change is happening and I’m excited!

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Writing this blog and producing this podcast is a blessing and a joy in my life. In-fact, I receive the greatest fulfillment when I hear from people that I’ve blessed through this website. This is why there is coming–and has already been–change.

024: How to Create Momentum to Generate Success

Why do we press on when it’s hard to see fruit? Life is full of curveballs and we never know when one will be thrown. Life is full of victories, but we often forget them and settle back into the humdrum rhythm of life, wondering if we’ll get another victory. In today’s episode we’re going to look at what it takes to press through and see the fruit of our labor.


4 Steps to Resetting your Vision!

What happens when you feel stuck? What do you do when you feel you can’t go any further. You feel trapped by mistakes you’ve made. Or because of success in your past, you feel you can’t replicate that success.

Being Stuck

What do you do to create a better year? How do you move from where you are now, to a place where you feel comfortable taking your business to the next level?

Are you Mr. Preacher Announcerman? 3 Ways to Tighten Announcements in your Service.

You’ve been to the church where half of your visit seems to be listening to the never ending announcement portion of the service. Now, there’s nothing wrong with announcements, but what happens when we announce everything? We end up wondering why no one has any idea of what’s happening?

flickr / dan waugh

flickr / dan waugh

I’ve seen so many events happen where people didn’t show up. I believe one of the main reasons this happens is because churches focus so much energies on every event. But what do most ministers think about announcements? Are they a necessary evil, or do they really benefit the congregation?