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My 2017 Survey Results

Last week, I launched my annual reader survey. This survey is designed to help me create more relevant content for you. This blog is a relationship and the road goes both ways.

This is why I do this survey. I want to give you a voice in what I write and create. This year’s survey was not the success that I was hoping for. Maybe it was the timing and maybe people are tired of taking surveys.

053: Staying the Course by Creating More. [Podcast]

My 2016 Reader Survey Results.

Each year, I conduct a reader survey. These survey’s help me know my reader’s better. The goal was for me to get a feeling for what you are looking for, and if I’m on the right track. The best part of the results is the value it provides benefits you by helping me craft this blog to your needs.

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While not all those who visit my blog on a monthly basis completed the survey. But that’s okay. Because those who did allows me to craft my material just for you. If you’ve not completed, or have not taken the survey yet, you can access it here it will only take two minutes to fill out.

Do you want to help me create a better blog?

2016 Reader Survey.

Episode 50 of The J. B. Sisam Show will be uploaded on Friday this week because of the 2016 Reader Survey.

I’m excited about this blog and there is a ton of new content to create. But I need your help. I could create my own content, yet that wouldn’t serve you, my reader.

A week ago, I released this survey to those on my email mailing list first; now it’s your turn. (If you would like to join my mailing list, you may do so below.) Let me know what you like about this blog, what can be improved and what products you are wanting to serve your needs right now!

I want to ensure my blog does the best possible job of answering your needs and interests. And that means I need to know more about you! So, would you be willing to take this survey. It will only take 2-5 minutes of your time. By doing so, you’ll ultimately be helping yourself, because your answers will help me craft content designed just for you.

Your input is so vitally important to me and what I do. Your answers are completely anonymous and I won’t be able to see who said what.

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Take 2-Minutes to fill out my 2015 Blog Survey!

 I want to make sure I’m communicating the best that I can. I want to make sure my platform does what you are needing it to do. This means that I need some information about you! So, I’ve taken it upon myself to create a survey to help me better serve you!

Courtesy of Getty Images/Nicola Pavone

Courtesy of Getty Images/Nicola Pavone

Your input is very important for me. And ultimately it benefits you. The more I know about you, the more I can taylor the content on this blog. Will be help me out by filling out my survey?

It will only take about 2-minutes to complete. Thank you for your input into this website.

I’d Love to Help!