105: 5 Distraction-Crushing ways to get more done and live productive.

Putting priorities in the right order.

Whether you’re a content producer, business owner, or working 9 to 5, if we don’t have our priorities straight, we’ll remain distracted. These distractions keep us from remaining focused on what’s most important in life.

In today’s episode, we’re talking about keep distractions at bay and remaining focused to accomplish our tasks. Without the proper tools, you’ll get sucked into facebook or youtube and you’ve wasted your day before you know it.

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Encore Episode: How to give focus to the things that matter most. [Podcast]


The J. B. Sisam Show is on a hiatus this week as I begin preparing new content for the show. So, I combed through my previous episodes and found one of the most popular ones. Also, when this episode aired, it was called CrossTalk Online Radio – It’s since been changed to The J. B. Sisam show. I hope you enjoy this listener favorite.

In this special encore episode #33 0f the J. B. Sisam Show, we are consistently reminded that one thing begins and another ends. Lies are something that takes away our success. So, why do we believe them?

These lies keep us from pursuing the destiny God has given us. If that’s the case, why do we believe them? In today’s episode, we dive into 5 lies we all believe from time to time that keep us from achieving the success God has destined for us.

3 Reasons why we procrastinate and how to overcome it.

Giving Procrastination the boot.

There is one thing that plagues everyone; that one thing is procrastination. There isn’t a problem with it until it stops you from being productive. And everyone knows productivity is the king of getting more done in less time.

Think about your next big project. It has to get done, but you simply don’t want to use your resources on it at this moment. It’s fine to procrastinate every once and a while. But a problem arises when we realize we now have to kill ourselves to accomplish that project on time. 

067: Discover your Life Plan in 5 Easy Steps. [Podcast]

Staying on Mission in Life.

Have you always wanted to design your life the way you want it? There are so many things in life we can’t control, but one thing we can do, leave a lasting legacy.

In today’s episode, we’ll be looking at the journey I’ve been on for the past several months. I’ll explain what I’ve been doing to craft my life plan, and how your life can benefit from creating your own. This is the one thing you can do to take control of your life and live your dream.

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How Do I Remain Focused While Living Distracted?

5 Distraction-Crushing Ways to Get more Done and Live a Productive Life.

Our lives are filled with distractions. They keep us from remaining focused on everything we have to accomplish. Distractions come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; and without the proper tools, they’ll take over our daily productivity.

Let’s say you have deadline looming for a large project, but an impromptu meeting interrupts your day. Maybe you have that family vacation planned and work calls you in the day you’re supposed to leave. You get sucked in by a video on Youtube and forget all about that project with little time to complete it.

033: 3 Right Turns to Life-Changing Priorities

We are consistently reminded that one thing begins and another ends. And as we approach the holiday season where are our priorities and how do we structure them in the right order. We are time conscious. We are always looking at our watches. We are always thinking… “is the pastor done yet?” The important thing to remember, there has to be an order.


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Season 1, Episode 4: Making the Most of Priorities!

Welcome to episode 4 of Season 1 of CrossTALK. In this episode we discuss it is very easy for our lives to get busy with stuff.

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We tend to ignore spending quality time with God because our lives are so hectic. You have heard that God needs to be the number one priority in our lives. While true, He must not remain a priority, He must become our whole life.

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