120: Start Small, Plan Big.

The 4 P's of Getting Published

Every writer wants to make it in this business and planning is one of the biggest things we can do to find success in writing.

podcast episode 120

In this weeks episode, I’m going to be talking about the four things you need to work on to get published and make some money. Why does passion matter? Why does platform matter? And how do I begin building my portfolio?

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5 Reasons You Should Write Down Your 2017 Goals.

Moving yearly goals forward with clear focus.

We have a problem as humans. Each year we desire to set New Year Resolutions and two weeks later, we quit. There are so many ways we can track our goals. And seeing true accomplishment is easier than you think.

When we begin taking the time to follow through our goals, we can actually achieve them. But if we don’t, the likelihood of seeing them come to fruition lessens.

Discover your Passion in 4 Easy Steps.

Nobody has the right to tell you "No"!

As a pastor, I’ve listened to plenty of people who shyly look away when I ask what they’re passionate about. They either don’t know, or they believe they’ll give the wrong answer. Why? People have a hard time identifying their passion.

We believe passion is self-focused or introspective and are afraid to identify it. But is it? If we identify our passion, that means we’ll have to do something with it. Most people have bought the lie, ‘I can’t do what I love.’

074: My Current and Future Plans – Part 3 [Podcast]

An Update of where I'm at.

Earlier this year I did a two part series called, My Current and Future Plans. Today, we’re diving into Part 3. I want to walk you through some of the things I’ve been working on these past several months, and where I plan to go heading into next year.

Writing, recording and working on new projects are exciting. But nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing something come to fruition. I can’t wait to share with you what’s on my heart. There’s been change this past year on jbsisam.com, and there’s more to come.

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043: My Current and Future Plans – Part 2 [Podcast]

Accomplishing Priorities, one goal at a time

We all love to plan. But the problem most face, they plan without having clear goal in mind to accomplish that plan. In today’s episode I want to walk you through several goals I have for 2016 and what I plan to do to see them come to fruition while helping you set vision for your plans. I also have a great tip of the week for you and did you know before sin there was only one law to live by – there was and I’ll fill you in.

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042: My Current and Future Plans – Part 1 [Podcast]

Changes for 2016 and why I'm making them.

Change. We all need it. It’s what drives us and keeps us moving forward. I realize this sounds similar to earlier this week. I digress, it is. But change is happening and I’m excited!

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Writing this blog and producing this podcast is a blessing and a joy in my life. In-fact, I receive the greatest fulfillment when I hear from people that I’ve blessed through this website. This is why there is coming–and has already been–change.