The True Meaning of Christmas!

7 ways you can show hope and love to those in need.

What a year it has been. We’ve seen both the good, the bad and the ugly. But what is the meaning of the holiday season and how should we conduct ourselves in a society who’s given up on hope?

I remember waking up early Christmas morning with a stocking filled with candy, oranges, peanuts and one gift. As a family, we didn’t celebrate Santa Clause or pretend he existed. I was okay with that.

How To Respect Sacrifice this Memorial Day!

3 Lessons I learned about faith from LTJG. Merton Willette

Sacrifice is a part of life for those in the Military. These men and women put their lives on the line so that we can live freely in this Republic. But as time passes, I often wonder if we’ve truly forgotten why we even celebrate Memorial Day.

As a Pastor, I get the chance to meet so many different people. Each of them have a special place in my heart. They make me a better man by encouraging me to live beyond my means and make Jesus number one in my life.

One such individual, whom I considered another Grandpa was Merton Willette. He served his country in World War II in the U.S. Navy and left with a Lieutenant Junior Grade rank. Before his death in 2012 he had the privilege to take a Military Honor Flight to the WWII Memorial in Washington DC. 

Season 1, Episode 13: Learning to Lead from Behind – Lead by Washing Other’s Feet [Podcast]

In the season one finale of CrossTALK we discuss what it means to lead from behind Most people believe that we lead from the front lines – and we do – but one thing people don’t often realize, the best leaders are the ones who lead from behind. They push others forward and want to see other’s success.


Jesus wanted the disciples to be consistent in their following. In John 13 we see examples of leading from behind through Jesus’ actions by washing the disciples feet.

6 Steps to Love Without Tolerance.

In today’s society we find evil creeping into every area of life. We turn the television off because we’re tired of seeing stores burned down because of protests. But what is the reason behind all this hate talk that has become a twisted view of tolerance? / 138514 / 138514

It’s difficult when people come to our church, sit in the pews and they are living lives of sin. They don’t care if we know or not. They continue in their disobedience to God and his Word. How do we help them? How did Jesus set them free?

Season 1 Episode 11: Learning to Lead Like Jesus [Podcast]

A good leader sees value in those they lead. He has above average character and seeks to see others move beyond where they are, do better. In today’s episode, I look at 6 characteristics of Jesus’ leadership style.


Listen to episode: (0:45:38)

Thought for Today! journal in a wonderful app called, Day One. It can be purchased in the Apple Store. I have it on my Macbook Pro and the Android clone called Day Journal. I recommend Day One, as a daily journaling app — they have it for both iPhone, iPad and any Mac computer. I’ll write about how I journal another time… .but here’s an expert from my journal.

*What did I read/listen to today?*

I read the story in Mark 5:21 where Jairus comes to Jesus to seek healing for his daughter. While on there way a woman secretly touches Jesus’ garment and is healed. Both act out their faith in different ways. One is openly seeking Jesus, and the other is secretly seeking Jesus. As you read the woman who secretly sought Jesus eventually came forward.

Jesus Heal Me!

Carman is at it again! After being diagnosed with cancer last year, he set out on a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for one last tour before Heaven calls him home. Now, cancer free, he’s continuing his promise to tour with a new album, his most personal album to date, called NO PLAN B!

What’s the point of it all?: Acts 4:21-26


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I spoke at Life Church  yesterday and I wanted to share an excerpt from my sermon notes. (sermon video to come later this week.)

I pray you’ll be encouraged.

Acts 4:21-26 – click to read

The rulers of Israel were so convinced that God indeed existed they could not refute the fact the people were praising God for what the disciples of Jesus did. They stopped believing the truth and wrote it as they saw fit. And because of this they threatened the disciples for speaking in the name of Jesus.

Without God, there is no meaning of life. They teach us in school that we are preprogramed machines happened by accident. If that’s the case, we can do what we please. A murderer cannot be held accountable for his actions because he’s simply born that way. It’s okay, he can’t help the way he’s been made, and it’s in his nature. So how can they be punished for doing something they were born to do?