5 Reasons for Setting Yearly Goals

As each year draws to a close we begin thinking about our New Years Resolution. The problem most have, they don’t accomplish their goals by year’s end. There are so many ways we can track our goals. And seeing true accomplishment is easier than you think.


When we begin taking the time to follow through our goals, we can actually achieve them.

What Drives You?

When life takes us down a new road we tend to follow the curve. But we also need to be aware of where God wants to take us in the very long journey of life. The journey of life is tedious and dangerous. Yet with the right reflexes we can learn to navigate the hard turns we might have to take. What does it mean to be driven in life? What is purpose in being driven and why do we need to be driven?

Getty Images / m3ss

Getty Images / m3ss

I remember the first time my father took my driving. Sitting behind the wheel, as a fifteen year old, was nerve racking. I cannot tell you how many times I killed the car by popping the clutch too soon or too fast.