Encore Episode: How to give focus to the things that matter most. [Podcast]


The J. B. Sisam Show is on a hiatus this week as I begin preparing new content for the show. So, I combed through my previous episodes and found one of the most popular ones. Also, when this episode aired, it was called CrossTalk Online Radio – It’s since been changed to The J. B. Sisam show. I hope you enjoy this listener favorite.

In this special encore episode #33 0f the J. B. Sisam Show, we are consistently reminded that one thing begins and another ends. Lies are something that takes away our success. So, why do we believe them?

These lies keep us from pursuing the destiny God has given us. If that’s the case, why do we believe them? In today’s episode, we dive into 5 lies we all believe from time to time that keep us from achieving the success God has destined for us.

Don’t Lose Your Focus!

Learning accept God's grace and forgiveness.

This is a sample from my new book, Grace: What’s So Amazing About It?

Sitting in the optometrist chair, I was asked several questions. Which one is better; this one, or that one; this one or that one? Please read off the smallest letters you can read.

I usually start with the giant letter, E. Though my vision is not considered bad, I do lose focus when the sun goes down. I have a harder time driving at night, than I do during the day. The reason, there is no light.

065: How to increase your focus by 195%. [Podcast]

Why focusing on the wrong thing can hinder your success. 

In last week’s episode I talked about how getting away going on vacation can recharge your batteries. It’s the one thing that we can do to make sure we come back to the Daily Grind feeling like we’re ready to conquer the world.

In today’s episode I want to talk about how focusing on the wrong things can drain our productivity levels. How we think, what we read, and what we watch can keep us from achieving success.

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Do you need more focus in your life?

6 techniques you can do to succeed at work.

We live in a world where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to remain focused. We find more on television than we can keep up with. We have Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and more to keep us preoccupied for hours on end. We have so much that that vies for our attention.

There comes a time when we know we need to remain focused on what truly matters. We all have to get work done. We all have to spend quality time with our families.