Book Writing Challenge – Day 2: Channeling Each Word

When I sit down to write, a lot of words start flowing into the mind. I’m not saying every word is a good word or even worth writing, but I sort it all out before taking each word to paper. Writing is an art form. You can’t just write–you mold, shape, and create each sentence. I have to channel each word before I write that next sentence.

daily writing challenge - Day 2: channeling each word.

Yesterday was a lighter day of writing. I figured that might happen as the day before was a huge day. Yesterday I wrote just over 1,200 words. I was shy of my goal of 1,500 words, but the day before I wrote over 2,000. I figured it all works out in the wash.

Still, writing that amount is something a lot of writers don’t do. I’ve talked with several writers who dabble with their books for years and never get the job done. It’s not bad to dabble, but if you’re going to be serious about writing, you have to make the time each day to write.

I’ll keep you updated tomorrow on how my writing goes today. Until then, start working on your own book and let me know how you’re doing.


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