Grateful for Sacrifice and Bravery!

Commemorating the lives lost in battle.

It’s Memorial Day. This is a day we’re to sit back and remember the sacrifices our men and women in the Armed Forces have made so we can have a free nation.

For most Americans, Memorial Day is just another holiday where we can escape the clutches of work. From the onset of the American Revolution to the war on terrorism, brave men and women have given their lives in service of this great nation. 

100: What I’ve learned in 100 episodes of The J. B. Sisam Show!

Celebrating 100 episodes!

I’m so excited to celebrate 100 episodes of The J. B. Sisam Show! The last two years have been fun, difficult, and full of change.

In today’s episode, I share the story of how this show began, what I’m planning for the future, and the top 10 most listened to episodes to date. Get ready because we’re about to celebrate 100 episodes of this podcast.

10 Exercises You Need to Master Your Writing.

Drop the muse and get to work!

The craft of writing is a lot of hard work. Yes, those easy moments happen when the Muse shows up. But the line that separates good writers from hacks, is the line between writing and rewriting.

A good craftsman is good at working on every page, sentence, and syllable. He doesn’t just stop at the first draft, he works and reworks his material until he’s satisfied, then it’s off to the editor.

099: The Writers Healthy Balanced Life You Want!

Bringing our lives back in sync!

Originally published on 04/16/2009 as a special article on this blog. I have significantly changed this article for today’s podcast episode. If you’d like to read the original, click here.

People have been on a health kick for some time.  We see on TV all kinds of ways one can lose weight fast.  Take this pill, drink this potion and if you don’t see a significant notice in your weight loss in two weeks get a total refund and keep the steak knives as our free gift for ordering.

Getting in Sync with your Writing

In today’s episode, I’m talking about living a healthy, balanced life. It doesn’t matter what we’re writing or doing in our lives if anything is out of sync inside us, we will not be effective as communicators of the message God’s given us.

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098: How to start your blog the right way.

4 Questions to answer before you begin.

Blogging is a fun way to communicate with the world what God has placed on your heart. But I’ve talked to so many people who look at this world of blogging and give up before they even begin.

how to blog

In today’s episode, I’m going to walk you through how to determine what your blog should be about and who you should be writing for. I”m also going to give you my secret sauce to creating a purpose statement for your blog so you can market the right way.

Listen to episode: (00:48:20)

I’m Giving Away a FREE Coaching Call!

Helping you take your message to the next level!

If you’ve ever decided it was time to begin writing your blog, you’re right. Today is the best time to begin honing your message and declaring to the world you have something worth saying.

Most new bloggers struggle with finding their particular niche. Getting good quality advice is hard to come by. You browse the internet and remain confused by the vast majority of advice.

097: 5 Questions Most New Bloggers Struggle With.

Making your life stupid easy!

You’ve just started your blog, but what’s next? Running a blog seems daunting and frustrating when everyone says you need to focus on SEO or have that media kit. What are these things and are the necessary? And what about setting up a theme without spending a lot of money?

blogger questions answered

In today’s episode, we’re answering 5 of the most common questions new bloggers struggle with. I plan to tackle these common questions and break down their answers into bite sized chunks you can understand.

Listen to episode: (0:41:43)

No blog post today!

I wanted to quickly stop by and let you know, there will not be a new blog post until Wednesday. I just needed a day of rest so I can create better and more focused content for you.

Thank you for understanding. I’ll see you on Wednesday for a new Podcast episode. If you’ve missed any episodes check out our podcast page and get caught up I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I enjoy creating it.



096: 5 ways to narrow your focus and find your voice.

Commit to creation valuable, life-changing content.

The vast majority of bloggers out there write whatever comes to mind. It doesn’t matter the topic. The successful bloggers are focused, have products, and know their audience.

focus, voice, convertkit, products

In today’s episode, were talking about defining our niche and discovering our purpose for our blog. We’ll also dive into tasking and begin to focus on crafting our first product for sale.

Listen to episode: (00:41:08)

A Step-by-Step Guide To Setting Up Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

Write, Sell, and Publish Your Next Ebook Today!

You desire to publish your book. You’ve finally written it and now ready to share that book with the world. But, how do you publish an ebook to Amazon Kindle?

Amazon Kindle Publishing with KDP

Remember that dream of having a book you’re proud to show Mom? Remember those sleepless nights when characters were yelling at you to write the next chapter in their adventure? That’s the joy of writing. But when it comes to publishing, people give up and put the book away.