Divine Providence!

A Novella


Divine-3dHer name is Sally Barnhart, a young mother whose world’s about to change, and not for the better. Two days before the holidays, she receives a gift that changes her life forever. Christian Barnhart, Sally and Zack’s son, has a life-threatening accident while in the care of his grandparents, George and Marilyn Lykes. He now needs a heart transplant, or he’ll be dead before Christmas. Does God care that her marriage is falling apart and her son is laying in a hospital bed dying? These events bring a broken family together and will reignite a new faith in God for the ultimate gift… the gift of life.


About the Author

J. B. Sisam graduated with a Bachelor of Divinity from ACTS International Bible College. He has a desire to see this generation accept their destiny in Jesus Christ. He currently works as the Media Director and Young Adult Pastor at Life Church in Eden Prairie, MN.


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