The J. B. Sisam Show is on a hiatus this week as I begin preparing for Season 5 of the show. So, I combed through my previous episodes and found one of the most popular ones. Also, when this episode aired, it was called CrossTalk Online Radio – It’s since been changed to The J. B. Sisam show. I hope you enjoy this listener favorite.

In this twentieth episode of The J. B. Sisam Show (Previously called CrossTalk), I talk about how burnout keeps us from seeing success in our daily lives.

There comes a time when we feel tired, worn out, weary and bored. These are not bad, in of themselves, but when they become a lifestyle it could be the beginning signs of burnout. Today, we’ll be looking at the 4 signs of burnout and how to fix the downward slope of depression. Disillusionment and lack of motivation keep us from moving forward. We need hope to see the light again.

Listen to the Audio:

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In Today’s Episode:

  • 4 Signs of Burnout
    • Lack of motivation. What’s holding you back from success?
    • Lack of energy. Do you find yourself worn out and weary?
    • Feeling disillusioned. Always questioning why you’re doing this
    • Using things to feel better. Money, TV, Internet or even vacations keep us from success.
  • TIP OF THE WEEK: Naps – They will re-energize you to conquer your day.
  • LEADERSHIP CORNER: Where is your focus? As leaders we must have the intuition to know where we’re headed before we get there.

Resources in this episode:

4 Reasons We Should Nap

Being Productive

John Maxwell Devotional

Let’s talk about it:

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