072: 5 Powerful Traits That Make Leaders Great. [Podcast]

Learning to be leaders of character.

As the political winds are shifting toward who will become our next President of the United States, we have an idea of the kind of leader we want in the highest office. But as we take a look at the candidates of both sides of the aisle, there are those we love and those we don’t. There are good leaders, average leaders and bad leaders.

As a pastor, I deal with leadership issues on a weekly basis. Decisions have to be made, and people are looking to me to help them along in life. I’ve made some very good choices and have been praised, and I’ve made some choices that those in leadership have pulled me aside and have said… “Jason, let’s have a talk.”

In today’s episode I want to answer the question, what makes a great leader? I want to walk you through 5 principles that make great leaders.

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What Family Legacy has Taught me about Character.

3 ways legacy and character begin with you.

Character is something that has massive affect on those around us. Whether we know it or not, our character determines how we view the world and those around us. It doesn’t matter who you’re trying to lead–your family, spouse, co-workers, company etc.–because effective leadership begins inside. It’s an inside-out job.

I believe character begins at home. Who you are when no one is looking, is who you really are. I also believe that our character is shaped during our formidable years. There’s a scene in season two of Smallville, where Lex Luthor finds his long lost brother, Lucas. In the scene Clark Kent and Lucas talk about being raised differently.

3 Ways Humility Creates Better Leaders.

Leading with purpose and counting the cost.

Last week I attended the annual Harvest Network International assembly (pastor and leader’s conference) in Minnesota. The music, speakers, workshops and fellowship/networking were out of this world. I’m so glad I decided to go this year. This conference is designed to help leaders take their ministries and lives to the next level.

This year we had an awesome lineup of speakers; Ken Roberts, Francis Frangipane, Jim Anderson and Kirk Bennett. I took tons of notes and the Spirit of God spoke heavily to my spirit. I want to focus on talks given by Francis Frangipane and by Jim Anderson. Their focus; humility.

3 Reasons Why Ministry Leaders Should Blog.

Using a blog to change lives.

If you’re running a church, ministry or business you should be blogging. A simple act that can have great benefit is something most leaders miss out on. But, if you want to take your ministry to the next level, you must blog weekly.

When I began blogging in 2009, I really didn’t know I was venturing into something few did. I know countless leaders who say they don’t blog because they either don’t understand the need, or say they don’t have the time. Yet, I found when I began to blog, I would get feedback from people saying, “Thank you for that, it’s just want I needed.”

Encore Episode: Overcome the 5 Lies That Hinder Success.

Learning to speak words that lift.

The J. B. Sisam Show is on a hiatus this week as I begin preparing for Season 5 of the show. So, I combed through my previous episodes and found one of the most popular ones. Also, when this episode aired, it was called CrossTalk Online Radio – It’s since been changed to The J. B. Sisam show. I hope you enjoy this listener favorite.

In this special encore episode #18 of The J. B. Sisam Show, I talk about lies that hold us back from seeing true success. But how do we combat these lies and how do we find freedom.

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Why You Don’t Need the Holy Spirit to Lead

Great leaders come and go. They inspire us to be better than ourselves. They encourage us to press through even when the going gets tough. But what truly makes a successful leader?


As a pastor, I often am confronted with choices. Do I go this direction, or that direction? Which way should I take those I’m leading? The hard reality, knowing you’ve made the right choice.

028: 5 How-to Steps to Maximizing your Blog [Podcast]

Blog, blogger and blogging are terms we know. But we often wonder what it takes to create a blog that others will want to read. How do I blog? What does it take to create a successful blog? Also, we’ll dive back into John Maxwell’s devotional on leadership.


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023: How to Find and Achieve Success

Do you find yourself wanting to give up? Do you simply want to hang up the hat get a job at Walmart and hand out 🙂 stickers. sometimes it’s easier to give up then to press through and see success. in today’s episode we’re going to be talking about what it takes to leave behind self-doubt and press through in the victory.

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022: 4 Things You Must Do to Create a Healthy Marriage

Today I want to talk about building healthy marriages. A lot of people go into marriage thinking everything will be peaches and roses. But I want to help you take off the rose colored glasses and walk you what it takes to building a healthy marriage that will propel your leadership to the next level. And as always, another leadership look in John Maxwell’s Devotional. All of this and more in this today’s episode.


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4 Steps to Resetting your Vision!

What happens when you feel stuck? What do you do when you feel you can’t go any further. You feel trapped by mistakes you’ve made. Or because of success in your past, you feel you can’t replicate that success.

Being Stuck

What do you do to create a better year? How do you move from where you are now, to a place where you feel comfortable taking your business to the next level?