021: 6 How-to Steps on Church Podcasting!

Have you ever wondered how churches get their audio on iTunes, or even how some create amazing content that seems too good to be true? Well today we’re talking about how to do a church podcast. Even if you don’t run a church, the tools here are the same. We’re going to get a little geeky in today’s episode, so if that’s your thing, you’re in the right place. Also, we’ll be diving back into John Maxwell’s devotional on leadership, so stick around for that. We also have another great tip of the week for you. All this and more on this week’s episode.


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017: 4 Evernote Hacks Every Pastor Needs. [Podcast]

We all need to find the perfect solution for all our paper and writing needs. Well, look no further than one of the best programs I’ve found, Evernote. This program has helped me go nearly paperless at home and at the office. In today’s episode we’ll look at four of the best hacks everyone needs to use to be successful in using Evernote.


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6 Secrets to Writing a Sermon in Minutes!

We’ve all sat there working hard to type out our thoughts. It’s difficult and it’s time consuming. What if I could show you a new, fast and more efficient way of putting your thoughts down.

flickr.com / Ali Wade

flickr.com / Ali Wade

Remember those old dictaphones? Put in a cassette, hit record and begin by speaking your thoughts. That’s when the work began by sitting down and going through to manually type out your thoughts. It was time consuming and frustrating.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Evernote for Your Ministry Team!

Do you find it difficult to keep all your team planning ideas in one place? Maybe you just want to do something different and go paperless in your office. Now you can do both. All thanks to a program called, Evernote.

flickr / Joe Ross

flickr / Joe Ross

I am usually not a very organized individual. I find it difficult to keep important items in an easy to access place. Someone might come into my office and wonder if I can even find something.

Being Productive

Some people may look at my office and wonder, ‘why in the world would he write about being productive?‘ Yes, I’ve asked myself that question already. My response is, why not?
Image courtesy gettyimges/monty rakusen

Image courtesy gettyimges/monty rakusen

In a world where things happen at a quick pace, I’ve often wondered how is it that things get done or don’t get done? As a writer, pastor and husband, my to-do list sometimes gets overwhelming. I feel I’m being dragged down into the pit of never recovering and things piling up around me. I’m sure no one else has that feeling.