Season 1, Episode 5: How to Live a Life of Forgiveness!

Welcome to season 1, episode 5 of CrossTALK. In today’s episode I look at living a life of forgiveness. What does that look like?

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Have you ever stepped in-front of a mirror and didn’t like the person starring back at you? Are you so trapped in your thoughts and strongholds that they keep you from truly living a life of forgiveness? For us to live sanctified lives, we have to learn to forgive not only others but ourselves.

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In this weeks episode you’ll learn:

  • How to take steps to forgive yourself.
  • Hold nothing back and forgive those around us.
  • Take the grace God has given us and use that to see other’s live sanctified lives.

Let’s talk about it:

Be honest… Can you truly say I love you in the mirror? What steps can you take to begin accepting God’s grace in your life? Share your answer on Facebook or Twitter


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