Get Published today using these 3 methods.

Publishing persistence makes perfect.

When people think about writing, they think of writing the next great American novel. Yet, the majority of writers will never write a book, but they will keep our newspapers, magazines, or periodicals filled with news, words of encouragement and information.

Everyone wants to write a book, but one thing we can and should do is to write for the sake of writing. There are many places we can get our work published. And in my opinion, it’s getting many small things published that make a successful writer.

When I set out to be a writer, I didn’t think of anything other than writing my book, which is exactly what I did. I worked for two years, writing, rewriting and editing my novel, Divine Providence. Finally, in 2010, I had it self-published. You can buy it here. But if I had known what I know now, I would have started small and worked my way to a book.

Today, I have written for several blogs, newspapers and now write a contributor’s blog for the Huffington Post. These opportunities have come to me, but I’ve also strived to get my work published in other places, other than just here. It takes persistence and a willingness to write.

I want to give you 3 places you can focus your writing and get published today.

1. Write for other blogs.

When I started this blog, I didn’t know you could write for other blogs. I focused solely on this blog and my book, never once seeking outside my sphere for publication. It wasn’t until I was approached by the editor at More Than A Beard–a blog dedicated to discipling men–did I realize I could write outside of my website.

If you want to broaden your audience, find blogs you can write for. Maybe you know someone who has one or maybe you have friends in a blog community, reach out and you may just be offered to write a piece. Once you’ve written for someone else, you can say you’ve been published, and it doesn’t have to be a well-known blog.

2. Write pieces for your local paper.

What a lot of new writers don’t realize, the newspaper can be a huge avenue to get your words published. A friend of mine in the Minnesota Christian Writer’s Guild writes monthly for his local newspaper. Each week he brings in another piece to show off on the rejoicing bench–a table where all our authors showcase their work.

I have had several pieces printed in local newspapers. It doesn’t have to be a major news story, it can be as simple as an opinion piece or letter to the editor. It’s the latter two I write, because they’re the easiest to write and have published. But, if you write a piece, and it’s well written, they’ll publish it.

3. Write for local companies.

This is where you can begin making money as a writer. This type of writing is called freelance writing. There are companies out there who will pay you a fee to write for them. It could be for their website, copy for a sales letter or simply something internal.

Years ago, I did an internal piece for Best Buy and along with it I also edited some video for them. The part paid well and I got to use my art of writing. Companies need writers to help them communicate their message to a market that needs their product. Search online, craigslist or the local newspaper and you’ll find people ready to pay you for your writing.

No matter which avenue you choose to write, or make your money, there is enough out there for any writer to get their work published in as little as a week. Just today, I received a call from my local newspaper editor saying he was publishing my opinion piece in this coming Thursday’s paper. It’s not a large piece, but it keeps my craft focused and it gives me more credibility as a writer when I publish larger pieces.

So get out there and start writing. Get published quickly using one of these three ways and I guarantee it will begin opening doors for you to publish bigger articles for bigger companies.

Question: Where have you been published and what would you add to this list? Leave a comment by clicking here!

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