058: Recharge Your Day Using These 6 Techniques. [Podcast]

Focusing your efforts on what matters most.

Do you find yourself running tired. You get your eight hours of sleep, but you still find your efforts falling short? When we learn to focus our efforts on what matters most, we’ll find ourselves recharged and energized to continue the fight one more day.

In today’s episode, I want to walk you through 6 techniques I use daily to recharge and focus on what I need to accomplish. With Facebook, Twitter, hundreds of emails, it’s hard to keep up with the demand. But if you take these things to heart, I guarantee you’ll find freedom in the areas you need it most.

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How Do I Remain Focused While Living Distracted?

5 Distraction-Crushing Ways to Get more Done and Live a Productive Life.

Our lives are filled with distractions. They keep us from remaining focused on everything we have to accomplish. Distractions come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; and without the proper tools, they’ll take over our daily productivity.

Let’s say you have deadline looming for a large project, but an impromptu meeting interrupts your day. Maybe you have that family vacation planned and work calls you in the day you’re supposed to leave. You get sucked in by a video on Youtube and forget all about that project with little time to complete it.

Do you need more focus in your life?

6 techniques you can do to succeed at work.

We live in a world where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to remain focused. We find more on television than we can keep up with. We have Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and more to keep us preoccupied for hours on end. We have so much that that vies for our attention.

There comes a time when we know we need to remain focused on what truly matters. We all have to get work done. We all have to spend quality time with our families.

7 Powerful habits of great bloggers!

Have you ever found yourself connected to people on the blogs you read? As bloggers, we are in the relationship business. This is the power of blogging, we have the ability to impact someone’s life. But what does it take to be a great blogger. I’ve been asked by people what it takes to run a blog and I want to give you my advice – now some might disagree with me, and that’s okay.

When I began blogging in 2009, I really had no idea what I was doing. In-fact, my blog was mainly a devotional blog for the young adult ministry I led. As I began taking my blogging to the next level, I began noticing more and more success.

The Importance of a Proven Blogging Template

Blogging is the one thing I look forward to each week. It doesn’t matter if I’m putting together a Podcast episode for CrossTALK, or if I’m writing a post such as this. One thing is consistent, the way I produce and write my content.


If you’re a beginner blogger, you may not have found your proven workflow. But if you follow this method, you will become faster and more efficient.

Testing Out a New App

4 quick reasons I love this app!

Testing! This is what I love to do. If we don’t activly test new software, we won’t know what works well for us and what doesn’t.


I recently purchased a new piece of software for my Mac. It’s a little text-edit program called, Desk PM. This is a simple, no frills program where I can focus my energy on writing, not styling my blog posts.

Downspiral of Negativity: 4 Ways Pessimism Kills Productivity

One of the most favorite books is Your Best Life Now by Joel Osteen. His whole concept in the book deals with losing a negative mindset and replacing it with positivity. But one thing is certain, we are killing our productivity with negative thinking.

Image courtesy flickr / ryan melaugh

Image courtesy flickr / ryan melaugh

As a pastor, I deal with negative people. Now, I’m not saying I deal with negative people daily. However, there’s an individual who has come into my office with nothing good to say. 

026: 3 Ways to Create a More Productive Morning

We all wake up in the morning. We all have our rituals. If you’re like me, you’ll hit the snooze button one more time or avoid putting that to-do list together. But, what if I told you there is a better way to kick off your day? A better way to feel more alive and ready to conquer what life throws at you. Today we’re talking about how to have a successful morning routine.


5 Habits That Create Distraction Free Writing

We live in a society that makes it easy to be distracted from what’s important. But what a lot of people don’t realize is, we find it okay to remain distracted, and procrastinate. It’s our subconscious hard at work, and keeping out the distractions is the hard part.

As a content producer, I find I have to be vigilant to keep distractions at a minimum, otherwise I become the dog watching for squirrels.

Are you Mr. Preacher Announcerman? 3 Ways to Tighten Announcements in your Service.

You’ve been to the church where half of your visit seems to be listening to the never ending announcement portion of the service. Now, there’s nothing wrong with announcements, but what happens when we announce everything? We end up wondering why no one has any idea of what’s happening?

flickr / dan waugh

flickr / dan waugh

I’ve seen so many events happen where people didn’t show up. I believe one of the main reasons this happens is because churches focus so much energies on every event. But what do most ministers think about announcements? Are they a necessary evil, or do they really benefit the congregation?